On the set of MONSTER MADHOUSE: Escape of the MONSTERS!

Special thanks to Brian Maze for sharing this exclusive shots from the set of MONSTER MADHOUSE!

Karlos rounded up the usual suspects of Monsterinators to help reel in some monsters whom managed to escape from the bonds of moviedom!

Karlos Borloff

Slo Frank

Lizard Man

Slo Frank, Lizard Man, and Gus-feratu helped talk the Hunchback down from his tower and assist Karlos Borloff with a little “monkey business.” Apparently King Kong’s little brother escaped from Monster Island and was wreaking havoc with the Zillagod and his lizard buddy.

Fortunately, Ultra Ma’am swooped in to help Borloff with the whole mess!

Karlos Borloff & Ultra Ma’am

…but not before her and N.O.R.M. (nephew of ROBOT MONSTER) started fighting!

N.O.R.M. & Gus-feratu!

For information on how to watch this obvious screen gem visit The Monster Madhouse by clicking HERE!

Any Horror Hosts out there who might want to share exclusive shots from a taping, please contact us as we’d LOVE to help generate interest!

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