Hidden Jerry G. Bishop Svengoolie Treasures Unearthed at G-FEST!


One of the most surprising moments at Svengoolie’s recent appearance at G-FEST was when a long-time Svengoolie fan named Tony Kapsis shared  some vintage items from one of Jerry G. Bishop’s public appearances in the early 1970’s.

The original Svengoolie had appeared at a local store and young Tony was there to meet his idol. He not only kept some special “Svengoolie banners” (NOTE TO RICH KOZ: I want you to start selling one of your own!) but also the newspaper page that announced the event!



Tony explained that he was every bit as quirk-witted in person as he was on TV. When Sven asked him how he wanted him to personalize his autograph, Tony said, “Sign it to Tone.”


TONY: “To Tone.”

SVENGOOLIE: Oh, I’m sorry…I’m Tone deaf!”

The moment was sealed with Sven hitting him with a rubber chicken!

As the current and most prolific Svengoolie, Rich Koz, was both a fan and friend of his predecessor, you could tell he really enjoyed seeing these lost artifacts!



Check out the video below…

Anyone else out there that may have any hidden Horror Host treasures of your own and would like to share, please drop us a line!

Dave Fuentes~


One thought on “Hidden Jerry G. Bishop Svengoolie Treasures Unearthed at G-FEST!

  1. My girlfriend and I were going through some of her childhood stuff and found a signed photo of son of svengoolie 1972 from a signing. he had at Dixie square mall in Harvey Illinois and was wondering if you might no if it is worth anything thank you. Robert rich

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