Penny Dreadful’s Shilling Shockers’ Monster Hunting Kit!


It’s always a pleasure for a Midwesterner like myself to meet up with the incomparable Penny Dreadful and the talented crew of Shilling Shockers! I had driven from my native Chicago to attend this year’s MONSTERBASH convention in Pennsylvania and it provided the perfect halfway point for catching up with New England’s finest. I had just spent the previous weeks watching her wonderful Season Eight (which I urge you to order copies for yourselves by clicking HERE) and wanted to tell them personally what a great job I thought they’d done on it.


After having a chance to do so, I noticed all the great merchandise for sale including something new since I’d last seen them in October. A special per-prepared box of goodies perfect fo any would-be monster hunter. Rather than get in to the details myself, I’ll let Manfred Von Bulow demonstrate…

You can order yours by visiting! This product is brand-spankin’ new so, if not listed there, send a message to!

And yes, we Daves bought a couple kits for ourselves!


Dave Fuentes~

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