Horror Hosts at Monsterbash!


It was great seeing my Horror Hosts friends this past weekend at MONSTERBASH! Count Gore de Vol, Son of Ghoul, Penny Dreadful, and Mr. Lobo are regulars there as well as Chilly Billy whom I met for the first time! Check out these pics…

img_2027Son of Ghoul & Penny Dreadful!

img_2046Tom Servo from MST 3000 (not the real one, unfortunately)

img_2048Count Gore de Vol greets Julie Adams!

img_2103Son of Ghoul hosts Three Stooges shorts!

img_2092Chilly Billy and “Chiller Drive-in’s” Son of Froggy!

img_2119Penny Dreadful & Ghoul a Go-Go!

img_2128Penny Dreadful’s Shilling Shockers!

img_2061Who took Penny’s hat?

img_2130I know where she can get a new one!

Dave Fuentes~

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