A Monstrous Proposal: Halloween Jack to Wed Halloween Jacqueline!


The Terror Daves would like to congratulate our friends, Halloween Jack and Halloween Jacqueline on their very public engagement! In typical Horror Host fashion, the big moment took place on their own show, “Halloween Jack’s Haunted Theatre,” via The Monster Channel last night! Earlier in the week, Jack had sent word via Facebook to various fellow hosts and fans notifying them of his intention to pop the question to his beautiful co-hostess. I can honestly say, this was the best kept secret shared with 26 other people I’d ever seen!

The night’s feature was THE SCREAMING SKULL and Halloween Jack urged everyone to create a video to accompany the big moment. While a bit short notice, and me by no means a performer, I decided to do my best and create something on behalf of both David and myself in effort to give some Terror Dave participation. Joined by my fellow amateur film crew (three of my kids; Alex, Leia, and Jade) we set out to do just that…

The Monster Channel is interactive and the “Live” banter was hilarious as always. I rarely join in with these things because I can never type fast enough to keep up, but reading along is just as fun.

Everything took a serious turn at around 10:15pm (Central) when Jack broke in and began declaring his devotion to Jacqueline. After sharing some beautiful words about how much she meant to him, he bent down on one knee in front of the camera and proposed.  I’ll let last night’s banter speak for itself in regards to the public’s, and Jacqueline’s, response…

10:17 PM  HalloweenJacqueline: *crying*

10:17 PM  HorribleSexyOrmsby: me too

10:17 PM  eloquentwrage: he’s gonna make me cry.

10:17 PM  MissGory: *hugs Jackie*

10:17 PM  freakshowpimp: i’m tearing up…..

10:17 PM  Gillgirl: *pats ginger’s hand*

10:17 PM  Paulzilla: I’ve just got something in my eye

10:17 PM  mothman: I be there

10:18 PM  WoodyoWoody: YAAAAAYA

10:18 PM  MissGory: HAHA!!

10:18 PM  DoctorValentine: HA!

10:18 PM  WoodyoWoody: Jack won it…

10:18 PM  eloquentwrage: Awwww… :’-)

10:19 PM  Vic: this dont seem like a pretend vid

10:19 PM  Paulzilla: WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:19 PM  WoodyoWoody: YAAAAAAYA

10:19 PM  Slaine: Takes used tissue and wipes tear from my eye

10:19 PM  Dale Kay: WOW



10:19 PM  HorribleSexyOrmsby: I’m crying

10:19 PM  WickedTina: awwwwwwwww

10:19 PM  Prof Gillman: Jack, you did that so well

10:19 PM  WoodyoWoody: AAAND?

10:19 PM  DoctorValentine: Well, don’t leave us hanging?

10:19 PM  ratnest: wow! jack!

10:19 PM  MissGory: sniffle

10:19 PM  Keenan: Nice Jack

10:19 PM  WickedTina: annnddddd

10:19 PM  Dale Kay: Well????

10:19 PM  HorribleSexyOrmsby: ANNNNNNDDDD

10:19 PM  HalloweenJacqueline: YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

10:19 PM  Paulzilla: WOOT!!!!!!!!

10:19 PM  MissGory: WOOT!

10:19 PM  freakshowpimp: tune in next week.


10:19 PM  DoctorValentine: YAAAYYYY!!!!

10:19 PM  WoodyoWoody: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND??????

10:19 PM  Gillgirl: cool

10:19 PM  WickedTina: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

10:19 PM  eloquentwrage: sorry for my ignorance… this is a repeat, right?

10:19 PM  Vic: do what nacy regan says…just say no

10:19 PM  ratnest: yaaaaa

10:19 PM  HorribleSexyOrmsby: NO HE’S MY MAN!!!!

10:19 PM  freakshowpimp: congrats!!!!!!!!!

10:19 PM  Paulzilla: CONGRATS!!!


10:19 PM  AngelBlueEyes: CONGRATS!!!

10:19 PM  MissGory: *CHEERS! DRINK EM IF YA GOT IT!!!

10:19 PM  Keenan: YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

10:19 PM  HorribleSexyOrmsby: I mean, kong-gratulations

10:19 PM  WoodyoWoody: yes eloquent

10:20 PM  Space Pirate: Congrats

10:20 PM  ratnest: congrats you rats!

10:20 PM  WickedTina: cheers

10:20 PM  Screaming Jack: Thanks everyone!

Later in the broadcast, Halloween Jack revealed that a date had been set for 2014 – on Halloween, of course!

CONGRATULATIONS HALLOWEEN JACK AND HALLOWEEN JACQUELINE, from TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES! (And we’re sure your marriage will work out a LOT better than the one depicted in THE SCREAMING SKULL!).

Dave Fuentes~


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