HORROR HOST LOST AND FOUND: Professor Headstone!

As we reported last month, one of the most amazing experiences we had at Ohio’s Horrorhound Weekend was DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW writer, J.D. Feigelson, hand delivering us the identities of TWO previously unknown horror hosts (story HERE).  The first, as covered, was the popular Dr. Ghoulman. The second is being revealed here for the very FIRST time, Professor Headstone!

J.D. worked as an assistant to Dr, Ghoulman’s Fred Mills during his run on Pt. Arthur Texas’ KPAC-TV in 1958. Years later, he would dabble again in horror hosting but this time as the producer. In 1964 KPAC-TV unveiled a new Saturday night horror show dubbed CHILLER. Feigelson states that this was an attempt to “recapture the success of SHOCK THEATER” with Dr. Ghoulman.

Unfortunately the show didn’t take off as hoped and only made it six shows before being dropped from the schedule. “The show was too little too late and the craze had passed,” says Feigelson. Along with stills of Dr. Ghoulman, I mentioned that Feigelson had also given us a DVD. On it was the only record of this show. While Dr. Ghoulman’s SHOCK THEATER had always done his intros “LIVE,” CHILLER’s was taped and was on the prized disc given to us.

Here it is in its entirety…

We would once again like to thank J.D. Feigelson for his generosity and entrusting us with this rare and wonderful gift. We are also honored to announce that he will be accepting the Rondo Award on our behalf at Wonderfest in Louisville on the 14th. Special thanks also to Joel Sanderson for creating these Professor Headstone stills from the footage. You’re one in a million Joel!

Dave Fuentes~


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