Dinosaurs Run Amok in Chicago!

This past weekend I took my 7 year old son, Luke, to the “Discover the Dinosaurs” show at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illnois. The venue was just across the street from The Crowne Paza Hotel where the quintessential Godzilla festival, G-FEST, takes place each July. Actually, the two have much in common as dinosaur fans and Godzilla enthusiasts are often one in the same. The Big G is, after all, a dinosaur that’s been mutated by atomic power (no, not an iguana, I’m not talking about the Tri-Star version).


Discover the Dinosaurs will also be held THIS weekend (13-16th) and you can order your tickets HERE. There’s lots of kid friendly activities but, be advised, many of them cost extra! Most activities were three tickets each and it was 12 tickets for $20. If you’re bringing multiple kids I’d consider bringing a load of cash (don’t forget parking which is $13) too! Here are a few pics from the event…

img_3706Most Dinosaurs are illuminated with rotating color spotlights


img_3751Kids (or enthusiastic adults) can pose with this T-Rex bust for FREE

img_3755For an extra fee, kids could ride this T-Rex or a friendlier looking triceratops!

img_3746Dino toy figures ranged for $11.99 to $19.99

img_3791For 3 tickets kids could spend 10 minutes on this and a big dino jumpy slide!

img_3805Dinosaur Miniature Golf = 3 tickets!

img_38241Kids can mine their own rocks. The # of tickets depends on how “lucky” you want em to be.


Dave Fuentes~

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