Horror Artist Spotlight: JAMES KAVANAUGH!

“He comes from the bowels of hell a transformed race of walking dead, a zombie guided by a master plan for complete domination of the Earth.”

Jim Kavanaugh was born March of 1978 in Boston MA.  He attended college at the Art Institute of Boston studying in Fine Art Illustration.  Noticing his artistic abilities as early as 7 and taking a pastel class with artist Willimina Cook resulted in his first image of a sad clown.

From a “sad” clown to a mad one!

Jim’s love for the horror genre spans 20plus years and his collection of horror movies tops 1000 films.  Basil Gogos, and Gustave Dore’s “Paradise lost” are of some of his greatest artistic influences.

As far as film is concerned he quotes his all time favorite films as being Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dead Alive, Poltergeist, Night of the Living Dead, Lucio Fulci’s Zombie, and Clockwork Orange which is horror for its sheer “ultra violence.”

You can see more of Jim’s Work at SilverBulletStudiosInk.com!



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