HORROR HOSTS & POLITICS: Dr David Lady on the Big Top Radio!


There’s an old adage that says one should never talk about politics or religion while in a social venue. Kenosha Public Access host, Dr Destruction, on the other hand, can’t seem to get away from the former! Often espousing his own views via his weekly Crimson Theatre, Dr Destruction was even prompted to make his own run for Mayor some years back. While he would not win, he did make friends with many of his local politicians including the current Mayor of Kenosha – Keith Bosman.

mayorMayor Bosman (middle) w/Dr Destruction at last year’s Summer of Lovecraft fest!

Bosman joined Dr Destruction on his “Big Top Radio Show” yesterday which can be heard each Sunday at 6pm Central on WLIP AM radio. (stream-lined HERE). Bosman discussed local events and his vision for turning Kenosha into a cultural mecca.

He was not, however, the only mayor in attendance on the show, just as Destruction was not its only horror host. Chatfield, Ohio Mayor – David Lady, has the distinction of being BOTH. The Late Dr Lady Show has been entertaining folks longer than his tenure as Mayor (at this date 5 years).  When asked what the population of Chatfield was, Dr Lady responded with, “strange.”

img_46151 Terror Daves Unite: Dave Fuentes, Dr David Lady, & David Albaugh!

The laughs continued throughout the show with Dr Lady discussing the earlier days of his program when he originally planned to do a single month of shows one fateful October before being “disastrously encouraged” to continue. And continue he would; not even allowing his Mayoral duties to interfere with his macabre hobbies which, along with hosting, include mask making and running a famous Horror Hotel for the past sixteen years. Dr Lady’s sense of humor was present throughout the broadcast causing this faithful host reporter to laugh out loud on more than one occasion! Especially when he asked Destruction’s less radio savvy co-host (who has a tendency to clear her throat during broadcasts) if she had a cold?

Dr Lady also discussed the dilemma of Public Domain films along with sharing picks for Dr Destruction’s own show. He stated that he prefers seeking out films less used by other hosts and often chooses ones filmed in the 1970’s & 80’s. Both hosts agreed that DRACULA VS FRANKENSTEIN was a guilty pleasure which Lady professed to be one of his favorite “bad” movies as illustrative of him owning a mask of that films interpretation of the Frankenstein monster!

Destruction admitted that Dr Lady was a stellar guest; easily capable of utilizing the entire show but, sadly, this was not to be the case. We Daves sure hope he’ll be back at The Big Top Radio Show for an encore performance!

And what advice did Dr David Lady have for his host friends? “If you think something is funny, put it in your show!” says Lady. “Maybe you’ll be lucky and at least one other person will find it funny too.”  As avid fans of The Late Dr Lady Show, we can safely say that David Lady is a lucky man, indeed!

Dave Fuentes~

For a more in-depth report on Dr. David Lady, read David Albaugh’s spotlight on him HERE.



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