HORROR HOSTS: Building the better Monster! Part 1


The upcoming Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis is really a quadruple threat. You have celebrity guests, an immense dealer room, the horror hosts, and Maskfest!  This is not to suggest, however, that any of these need be exclusive. While Maskfest could easily be a convention in its own right, horror hosts can be quite crafty themselves.


Not long ago my co-blogger, David Albaugh, did an extensive piece on David Lady (if you were naughty and missed it you can check it out HERE). David Lady, host of The Late Dr. Show, and his wife are well known in the horror community for their amazing creations. In this, they are not alone.

???????????????????????????????Meeting David Lady at last year’s Horrorhound with his “Jan in the Pan” from THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE!

Horror hosts have historically needed to be crafty when it came to creating props & characters for their shows. Working on a shoestring budget afforded very little luxury for buying state of the art materials or, for that matter, co-stars. Some hosts have been more successful at accomplishing this than others. Dr. Destruction is an artist and craftsman who has relied on his abilities to get the most out of his show. With no assistance, he has single-handedly created his own set, art work, and even masks – most notably a replica of “The Elephant Man.”

img_2088You don’t need a full moon to appreciate Dr. Destruction’s hand-crafted gypsy wagon from THE WOLF MAN

Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-in boasts the talents of Dave Ivey. Mr. Ivey is no stranger to the realm of horror hosts. In 1976 he joined Ohio’s The Ghoul Show. Here he would serve multiple functions as the show’s Art Director, writer, cartoon animator, as well as prop maker. This would include The Ghoul’s beloved character “Froggy.”

ghoul001 Ohio’s The Ghoul was aided by the talents of Dave Ivey!

uncle-larThe Ghoul’s legacy lives on with The Chiller Drive-in’s “Son of Froggy” (with Uncle Lars at Horrorhound 2010)

Dave Ivey would go on to continue both his craft, and The Ghoul’s legacy, via Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-in. Assisting this show with writing, creating characters, along with his costume making/prop skills has clearly earned Ivey a respectable rank in the Wolfman’s pack. One of his most ambitious characters is that of “Oscar the Ogre,” whom I had the privilege of meeting at The Chiller Drive-in Open House last September (more on that story HERE). My favorite Dave Ivey character, however, is “The Milkman” featured in Wolfman Mac’s presentation of EVIL BRAIN FROM OUTER SPACE. To purchase this episode and other great Mac merchandise be sure to visit their website!

img_19701Oscar the Ogre instills Terror from Beyond the Dave (Ivey) at The Chiller Drive-in!

But there is one host who has gone above in beyond in not only in the creating his character, but an entire “Monster Madhouse.” More on that story in our next installment!

monstermadhouse1Karlos Borloff: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Dave Fuentes~

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7 thoughts on “HORROR HOSTS: Building the better Monster! Part 1

  1. Very cool, guys! I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Ivey back in 2000. Such a talented man. I have footage of his then 13 year old daughter in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle suit kicking the crap out of my sidekick, Jeff. Lol!

  2. Great article, I read this and also your review on Chiller Drive-in Open House. I just sent your blog’s link to my dad, he mentioned that you did talk to him on facebook.

    I also wanted to let you know that he didn’t make the Son of Froggy costume. Best to talk with Mike to get the full story on it.

    • Thanks for the clarification and I certainly hope that your father enjoys the piece. He’s a very talented guy and deserves a lot more print. I hope to formally meet him some day!

  3. davesilri-
    Greetings. My daughter Miki called me up and asked me to check this out. I also want to state that I did NOT make the “Son of Froggy” outfit. Mike designed it and had some place in California build it for him.
    I’ll be taking “Oscar”, “The Milkman”, and “Robot Chicken” to Horrorhound again this year. I know “Robot Chicken has nothing to do with CDI but I LIKE to wear it and it’s a crowd pleaser. I think I’ll wear it in the costume contest.
    I used “Oscar” a couple of weeks ago at a personel appearance at the “Sinister Haunted House & Glow Golf”.
    Thanks for the kind words and hope to see you in Indianapolis. – Dave Ivey

  4. Thanks Dave! Son of Froggy was featured in the piece as further proof of The Ghoul’s legacy in The Chiller Drive-in. This is something I really want to explore after Horrorhound. I am REALLY looking forward to meeting you and hope I can catch you as “The Milkman. I LOVE that episode! Thanks again for your comments, assistance, and the amazing contributions you give to Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-in.

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