Will the REAL Monsters Magazine please stand up?


Upon hearing the news that the latest issue of SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE had hit the stands, I immediately headed to my nearest “Borders” bookstore. This is a magazine I have loved since its early years and the latest issue was very special to me. Back in May I had submitted a fan piece and interview on Michigan horror host, Wolfman Mac & The Chiller Drive-in. Now the story would finally see print along with an article I had written for Chicago artist, Jeff Carlson. Jeff, as you may recall, created an amazing replica of the famous medallion worn by Bela Lugosi during the original Universal classic, DRACULA! To revisit the blog piece we did on Jeff, please click HERE and then go get a much more in depth description on the piece and ways you can get your own in the newest issue of SCARY MONSTERS!


While heading over to the bookstore, I remembered my first introduction to publisher, Dennis Druktenis’, masterful magazine. I was visiting my local comic book store when the bright green cover of his 5th issue featuring The King of Monsters himself, GODZILLA, grabbed my attention. I was pretty well hooked ever since and the magazine (now entering its 20th year in publication) seems to get better and better.

img169My first Scary issue of SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE!

570553The Magazine evolves


Many seasoned horror fans will site FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND as their favorite periodical growing up and for being an influence on their adult lives. I’m not sure if it was my age or the fact that I didn’t have access to many specialty stores growing up that I must confess I only had a few issues of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND.   SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE was to be my first real foray into a “Real” monster magazine  and remains one of the few publications that I routinely read “cover to cover” to this day.


What I liked about both of these periodicals was that they were never about creating Pulitzer Prize winning articles and ALL about fan enthusiasm. Before the Internet, us “monster geeks” were scattered across the country and rarely in contact with one another until adulthood. If you were fortunate to have a fellow monster friend growing up they were, without a doubt, your BEST friend. More of us were far less fortunate and relative loners who tended to adopt our “friend’s” interests while keeping our monster fervor on the back burner. What a thrill it was to read the excitement of others who shared this interest along with pictures of your favorite monsters. Even now, as an adult, I can’t help but smile when I read the MONSTER MEMORIES of a fan who grew up 1,000 miles away and yet shared some of the very same experiences I did.

newfamous-monstersFAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND is now undead

FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND has recently been reborn after years of hiatus due to legal wranglings and power struggles. It has also seen the loss of its beloved creator, Forest J. Ackerman – a legend in the monster fan realm.  The new magazine is printed on thick glossy paper, has bright colors, exclusive Hollywood interviews, and top notch journalism. It looks like an “official program” you’d buy at a sporting event with an expensive cover price to match. I think it is an absolutely stunning magazine that, unfortunately, has retained none of the charms of its former self.  Those pulpy black & white pages made it almost like reading a macabre newspaper that fueled your imagination of the monsters even further.

famous-monstersinsideInside an old issue of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND

Understand that I am not a staff writer for SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE nor suggesting a nationwide boycott of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND. By all means, save your pennies and support BOTH magazines as well as any other periodical that pays homage to our favorite genre. After all, monsters are monsters and I still can’t get enough of them! But when you want to relive that special connection to our genre that many of us fans take for granted in today’s world…. remember that SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE is the only REAL answer.


*And don’t forget to to run out and obtain YOUR copy of the latest issue featuring Wolfman Mac on the cover! SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE is available at book stores such as BORDERS and BARNES & NOBLE. You can also obtain an issue from THE SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE website as well. My recommendation? Go the website and obtain a subscription! If you are a fan of classic monsters, you won’t be disappointed. Fans of horror hosts will definitely want to subscribe as more host articles from “The Daves” are slated for publication including my co-blogger, and best friend, David Albaugh. His story on Nevada’s host, Zomboo, will be appearing in the 2011 Yearbook coming in March!

Dave Fuentes~


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