EC Comics Carved the Way!


Despite being nearly two decades since I stopped collecting, my kids will tell you I’m a strong advocate for comic books. Back in the ‘80s I was all about the Marvel superheroes before they became the Box Office sensations they are today. I’d often read and re-read the adventures of The Amazing Spider-man, The Uncanny X-Men, The Mighty Avengers, and ROM the Spaceknight (if you aren’t familiar with him, you should check out one of my very first blogs HERE) to my younger brother, Keith. While comics are often dismissed as being childish, many folks don’t realize that most are written at college level. All through junior high & high school my reading skills were better than average and, dismissing the possibility that I’m some sort of a genius, I firmly believe this was due to my devotion to comics which encouraged me to read…a LOT!

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