INTERVIEW – Scott T. Barsotti, Playwright, The Shadow Over Innsmouth


On Dec. 13, 2013, I attended a performance of Wildclaw Theatre’s “H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow over Innsmouth”. This was my fourth outing to see a Wildclaw performance, and I was very impressed with the play (read my review here).

After the show, I was curious enough about the original story to immediately check a collection of Lovecraft’s stories out of the library. I was intrigued by the changes made to turn the basic story into a play.

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How Best to Describe “Deathscribe!”


Not long after I became familiar with Chicago’s Wildclaw Theater, I’d been told that their annual December Deathscribe event was not to be missed! While horror isn’t something most folks gravitate towards this time of year (unless, of course, you count holiday shopping), leave it to this talented crew to toss conventional wisdom out the door and host one of the most unique, terror-filled evenings imaginable!

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