Movie Mash Up: “Hitchcock” Vs. “The Girl!”


Two recently released movies (one on cable and another on the big screen) attempt to give viewers a behind the scenes glimpse of Alfred Hitchcock! While we can never gauge the accuracy of biography films, they do share some similarities. So how do these two stack up against each other in deconstructing The Master of Suspense?

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Tippi Hedren gives Alfred Hitchcock “The Bird(s)!”


One of the celebrity encounters I was most looking forward to was Tippi Hedren. Ms Hedren, of course, will be forever remembered for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS. While this film is often panned by critics in lieu of The Master of Suspense’s other achievements (eg.PSYCHO, VERTIGO, REAR WINDOW) this has always been the film I find myself re-watching the most. I’m sure that is, no doubt, due to my love of animals as well as a good “man vs. nature” flick (of which there are few).

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