A Torturous trip to the Wisconsin Dells…yes, The DELLS!


I never thought The Wisconsin Dells had more to do than their World famous water parks. Well “Surprise” they have a museum dedicated to all things…torture devices! Located just off the main strip lies the Museum of Historic Torture Devices which will have you happy you can experience these as a spectator ONLY!

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“Inside the Half-wit’s Studio”…Rich Koz Svengoolie gives DePaul University Horror Host 101!


It was a beautiful sunny day in Chicago when I arrived at DePaul University to see a Q&A session with national horror host and broadcaster, Rich Koz/Svengoolie! While I’ve seen him at various appearances this would mark the first time I would catch him without his familiar make-up and, rather than greet fans, get to see him discuss his vast career.

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