Enough Quacking about Svengoolie airing “Duck Soup!”


The other day I was at work perusing Facebook during my, ahem, lunch break when a post written on Svengoolie’s wall caught my attention. The negative comment was regarding Sven showing non horror related shows like tonight’s DUCK SOUP¬†as well as suggesting that he change the name of his program to “The Abbott & Costello Show.” Apparently the writer, who felt the need to publicly chide Sven as opposed to sending him a direct complaint (which he would have responded to), had a TV black-out the previous weeks when he aired HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and THE DEADLY MANTIS.

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“Underworld Awakening”…Fourth but not Final!


I just returned from seeing UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING at my local theater and, unlike its lead character, my heart is still pumping. After the last movie I saw, THE DEVIL INSIDE (my review HERE), I decided to keep my high hopes in check. While BOTH films managed to do quite well financially on their opening weekends, I attribute that more to us horror fans craving a night at the movies as opposed to a testament of the films themselves. This one, however, does give you your money’s worth.

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