The Redemption of Gene Simmons…


(The Conclusion of Gene Simmons at Fright Night Fandomfest)

“Just go in there and enjoy a nice a conversation with Gene Simmons,” the staff person told us before leading us into a small room with a table of snacks (cheese and crackers) and non alcoholic beverages. There was a line of chairs set up in a half circle with Gene Simmons standing in front of them…no sun glasses this time.

Simmons: Come on in and make yourselves comfortable, that’s what this is all about. Feel free to grab yourself a refreshment. Ah…nice to see we have some women in the group.

One of them offered Gene a bottle of Snapple which he happily accepted (though he never opened it during this discussion). “See? This is why it’s nice having women!” he said. “Men just grab what they want and sit down but a woman will make sure you’re needs are met first.”

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THIS IS THE END…and it’s a riot!


Initially when I saw the preview for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s horror/comedy, This is the End,  I had little desire to see it. With a cast of popular comedic actors all playing themselves (a practice that usually ends up becoming more self-indulgent than entertaining) I worried this romp would end up too silly. I’m happy to report that, while it certainly was silly at times, it also managed to stay consistently funny!

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