2013 “Days of Dead” Indianapolis: Creative Dealers and their Ghastly Goods!


Like most conventions, the 2013 Indianapolis Days of the Dead was spread across several large rooms at the hotel. Russ and I left the beautiful Jordan Ladd (a meeting covered in my last chapter) and embarked on what was to be the first of many walk throughs (which is why you’ll see us wearing different clothes in this post) of the dealer’s room. There were actually two main rooms designated for dealers, with some located out in the adjoining hallways. Although there were other guests we planned on meeting, they were located in one of these areas as opposed to the one exclusive to celebs

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Terrible Teddy’s! Lee Howard’s “Quiet Room Bears” a Screaming Sensation!


As mentioned in our first ROCK N SHOCK story,  the best items for sale in the dealer’s room this year were custom made. Of all these wonderful creations, none showed the shear genius and warped creativity of QuiET RoOM BeARs! Children afraid of the dark or the monster in their closets will have to seek alternative forms of comfort aside from clutching their Teddy Bears so far as Lee Howard is concerned. The Canadian artist not only came up with his own line of horror Teddy Bears, he’s managed to make each and every one completely unique and individually numbered….

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