2013 Horrorhound Weekend Pt 10: Marilyn Munster and Killer Car Christine!


It was 7:30am when the alarm went off and the final day of Horrorhound Weekend began. In lieu of the previous night, it was a minor miracle I didn’t have a hang-over though this should not suggest I was feeling anywhere near 100%. The non-stop activity, coupled with lack of sleep, had begun taking its toll and I quickly dressed before heading to the hotel lobby in pursuit of free coffee.

Their “complimentary breakfast” was in full swing and I grabbed a bagel before joining Brian and some other guy he was conversing with. I was so groggy, it was midway through breakfast before I finally realized the other guy was Woody the Clown in street clothes. The eatery was connected to a faux living room complete with couch and TV. As my eyes began focusing, I noticed The Perfect Storm’s Rusty Schwimmer sitting there while having a conversation with a friend.