My Lifelong Bromance with Count Chocula!


Ahhh…the crunchy goodness of nostalgia in the morning!

The Halloween season is always my favorite time of year (and I’m guessing if you’re reading this blog, it’s yours too) with the leaves changing, horror movies getting a boost (though this past summer’s box office should illustrate that horror is good for ALL seasons) and happy memories of trick or treating, caramel apples, and staying up late watching monster movies.

The great thing about growing up in the ’70s, however, was that you didn’t require the veil of darkness to enjoy your favorite beasties! In October of 1971 (less than a month after my first birthday) General Mills unleashed their now legendary “monster cereals,” giving kids a comedic dose of The Universal Monsters for breakfast. At the time of their debut there were only two of them; Count Chocula (chocolate flavored and modeled after Dracula) and Franken Berry (a strawberry flavored Frankenstein) with their blueberry inspired ghostly cousin, Boo Berry showing up a couple years later.

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