Joe Hart’s GATE-FEST: 30 Years to Hell and Back!


A few years ago I had the honor of covering THING-FEST  at Days of the Dead Indianapolis where Canadian super-fan, Joe Hart, brought his immense assortment of props and collectibles associated with John Carpenter’s The Thing. Joe has a heart of gold and his enthusiasm for the movie, coupled with his enviable collection, made for one unforgettable weekend! Many of the actors from the film were on hand as well and one of my favorite moments was getting a photo with Thomas G. Waites (“Windows”) along with the actual microphone prop he’d used in the movie. I’ll always be grateful to Days of the Dead for hosting Mr. Hart as it was the magnetic pull of his collection that inspired me to cross state lines and attend!

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“Creepshow Expo” and the Mystery of the Travelling Ashtray!


Back in July I had the privilege of seeing super collector, Joe Hart’s, THING-FEST (covered HERE) at the Indianapolis Days of the Dead convention. This event featured a massive collection of props and memorabilia from one of my all-time favorite films, John Carpenter’s THE THING. During the course of the weekend, I had an opportunity to meet Hart and soon discovered that he was much more than a mere collector. Rather, I began to see him as the ultimate facilitator of sorts; bringing his fellow fans closer to the films they loved. As this is something he does without monetary gain, I feel he deserves our applause and our sincere gratitude. Trust me, folks, I’ve attended quite a few horror events since THING-FEST and would absolutely consider that one to be the most satisfying. THE THING, however, is not the only 1982 classic that Hart is devoted to…

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THING-FEST Contaminates “Days of the Dead!”


Next to where the cast members of THE THING reunion were signing, was the amazing THING-FEST! This private collection owned by super-fan, Joe Hart, would feature the largest acquisition of props and memorabilia from the 1982 John Carpenter classic.

Though born and raised in New Jersey (a childhood friend of Kevin Smith), Hart now resides with his wife in Canada. What makes him so exceptional isn’t simply that he’s a fan who’s amassed lots of amazing goods, but that he’s one who willingly shares them with the rest of us. He does this utilizing his own time and resources and, in doing so, enhances the overall experience for everyone; something never more evident than at the Days of the Dead Indianapolis!

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