New Indie film RAGE pays homage to Spielberg’s “Duel!”

Its a mixed blessing when we receive Independent films to review for this site. We are honored that so many talented people out there are willing to share their work with us and allow us the privilege of sharing our insights with readers.  At the same time, not all the movies we receive are necessarily something we are willing to place our fan stamp of approval on. When a big budget studio puts out a “turkey” we feel it is our duty to say so before fans go out and drop nearly $10 at the theater. You certainly don’t have to take our words for it, however, you were warned. Independent films made on a shoestring budget and lacking Hollywood’s publicity machine, will never be skewered here. We give artists who create films as a labor of love and dedication a much wider berth. Consequently, if we don’t care for it (and that is not to say that if “we” don’t like it someone else won’t) we won’t rip it apart – we just will leave it off our blog.

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