The Roe Conn Halloween Show with Svengoolie!

Photo by Jim Roche

Photo by Jim Roche

During a recent Svengoolie appearance I covered at Pinball Life, I mentioned that one of the benefits of stalking the national commercial TV horror host was being introduced to new venues and activities I’d of never experienced otherwise. Attending the Roe Conn Halloween special on Thursday October 29th was a prime example! For those lucky enough to gain access, you’d be treated to a live taping of  WGN’s Roe Conn Show at a beautiful suburban venue. But first one had to apply for a ticket.

About a month before the big day I logged on to the WGN Radio site to apply for a pass. Although they were free, they were granted on a random and limited basis making it the luck of the draw. After a few weeks of silence I assumed it wasn’t meant to be until just days before the event when I finally received word I’d been chosen. Along with acceptance came instructions on where and when it would take place and what to do once I got there.

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