The Real Horror Hosts of Southern California!


We’ve mentioned the documentary, AMERICAN SCARY, many times on this site and for good reason. It has not only served as a road-map to those interested in learning their horror host history, but also provided introductions to some of its most notable examples. If left to cover ALL of the greats, however, the movie would have probably had a running time of approximately 72 hours!

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Organizing Your Horror DVD/Blu-Ray Collection!


With the arrival of the New Year, many of us have made “Resolutions” as to what we’d like to accomplish in 2011. Topping most lists, of course, is the usual losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising more, and getting organized. While there isn’t much advice I can give regarding the first three, I may have some helpful tips regarding the last. Not to worry, horror fans, we’re not compromising our site by trading in Penny Dreadful for Martha Stewart (though it can be argued that she’s the scarier of the two witches).  Organizing your collection is not only ascetically pleasing, it makes for much easier access.

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