No Trick, FRANKENWEENIE is all Treat! Review by DR. DESTRUCTION!

I became a fan of Tim Burton early on because of THE Nightmare Before Christmas and ED WOOD  which came out the following year. I anticipated every thing he did after that but never did he seem to match that initial first impression I got from those two films. I had learned after that he had been responsible for PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE, BEETLEJUICE, and EDWARD SCISSORHANDS.

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Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” Movie Makes me long for the TV Show!


When I was five, I was drawn in by the “Dark Shadows” TV show. Initially it might of been because there was a child on the show (David Collins) who reminded me of Bill Mumy from one of my other favorite programs, “Lost in Space.” Whatever it was that drew me in, I was completely fascinated by Barnabas Collins along with the overall weirdness of the show that would ultimately stay with me my entire life.

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