Svengoolie’s New Coffin Knocks Fans Dead!


I was attending a Brookfield Chapter AAZK (American Association of Zoo Keepers) meeting at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo late last year when the subject of our annual Vital Grounds spaghetti dinner/fundraiser came up. As they’ve been doing this event for several years now, they’ve pretty much got it all down to a science (food, auction items, ticket info, etc).

There was one aspect of the occasion, however, that wasn’t quite so clear…namely the entertainment. For the past several years, Chicago-gone-national horror host, Svengoolie, had been their featured guest which guaranteed a strong turn-out & much-needed funds for the cause. However, with Sven’s health scare in November that was no longer a certainty. Everyone at the table turned and looked at me…

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“Prophecy”…A sleeping bag won’t save You from a Mutant Bear!


I was 8 years old when PROPHECY hit the theaters. I remember seeing a picture of the monster in one of my parent’s magazines and begging the adults in my life to take me to see it. Of course none of them would siting, “You’ll get nightmares!” Monster kids will note that this was the “You’ll shoot your eye out kid,” line handed to us with consistent regularity. It would be a full decade when, in my teenaged years, I’d finally be able to see the film on VHS. In my opinion, it was well worth the wait.

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