The Haunted and the Hunted

Haunted and the Hunted film poster

I’m happy to welcome my friend, Jason Schoolcraft, back to the site. Today he’ll be discussing New England legend, Lenny Schwartz, and his exciting upcoming project – “The Haunted and the Haunted!” Take it away, Jason…

What kind of movie does a lifelong film lover decide to make first? Well, Leonard Schwartz says a film that has never been made yet! 

 I met Lenny roughly 20 years ago because of a mutual passion for movies and physical media. That passion has not changed but we certainly have. After we met, I learned Lenny started pursuing his love while at college. He then started his own theater production company and along the way gained a reputation as a dedicated, hardworking, and proficient writer and director. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Lenny will say he is also a kind and caring human being.

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