RHODE ISLAND TERROR CON – Greatness In The Making!

Terror Con made it to Rhode Island in February of 2017 and to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. I have been to many horror conventions before and it was certainly nice seeing one finally come to the Ocean State. Thankfully my nephew heard about it before I did and asked if I would bring him and since I like to encourage the interests of my nephews, especially if they mirror my own, I immediately said yes.

We arrived early because in the past we had to wait in huge lines for conventions like Rhode Island Comic Con (covered HERE). Thankfully we got in with very little wait and was able to enjoy this convention pretty quickly.

The guest list was varied and included some great names in the fields of horror, the paranormal and wrestling. One of the stand-outs was Chris Sarandon, who for me was iconic for his role in one of my all-time favorite vampire films, FRIGHT NIGHT. He also voiced another favorite character of mine, Jack Skellington, from Disney’s A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

Things seemed to be organized very well at this convention as lines to meet the guests moved fast and you were not rushed to move along, a bad habit many conventions are starting to be known for. You could actually take a moment and talk to the guest and interact with them. Autograph and photo op prices were also much more reasonable than I have experienced at other similar shows. I truly hope they keep this up for the 2018 show.

The dealer room, which is my nephew’s favorite area, was a lot of fun and it was spread out enough that you never felt crowded or overwhelmed by the amount of people present. We were able to get every table we wanted to see and never got frustrated from fighting crowds. The vendors were also friendly and seemed to appreciate everyone being there.

One of the highlights for me was seeing one of my favorite horror hosts, Penny Dreadful. She is one of the most talented hosts out there and it is great that she is so close to home. It was fun catching up with her and discussing where she will be taking the character next.


My only real disappointment was the cosplay. What I saw was good but there just wasn’t a lot of it to be found. Hopefully this will increase for the 2018 show (which has already been announced).


All-in-all this was a great show and I look forward to seeing how it develops. For a first year it seemed to run very smoothly and everyone was very courteous and friendly. As word of mouth spreads there is no doubt that this will be a horror convention to reckon with in the coming years! Great job guys!


2 thoughts on “RHODE ISLAND TERROR CON – Greatness In The Making!

  1. Sorry Dave, the black lettering on the dark gray background, I honestly can’t read any of the captions.

    But, take care, and keep us updated.

    Greg V.

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