Another Rhode Island Comic Con has come and gone and this one certainly lived up to its hype. Not only was it loaded with amazing stars and artists but the dealer room had to be seen to be believed. This is definitely the convention to go to every year and as it expands, there is no doubt that it will only get better.


Despite some negative feedback on Facebook I felt this convention went fine. It amazes me how people forget that the point of these conventions is to draw people to it to have a great time. The biggest complaint seemed to be the size of the crowd, especially on Saturday, but to be honest, I have never been to a convention that didn’t have large crowds. You have to expect this kind of response for a show featuring guests like Gal Gadot, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Millie Bobby Brown and the incomparable Stan Lee. I am guessing that most of the feedback came from first-time convention goers because for anyone that frequents them on a regular basis knows that this is the norm. If the crowds are small guess what? They will stop having them.

img_8009Great photo opportunity!

One thing that I have learned in the three years I have gone to this amazing convention is that the people in charge do listen to the feedback and do everything in their power to correct it for the following year. For conventions of this magnitude there is bound to be hiccups but they genuinely care about their guests and when something is wrong, they correct it to the best of their ability. Keep in mind that conventions are an ever-evolving thing and like life, it evolves as it grows.


If you missed this convention, you missed a great time! Thankfully they will be back November 10-12, 2017. If you went and had issues, try to focus on the good times you had. As I walked back and forth between the Dunkin’ Donuts Center and Rhode Island Convention Center I saw a lot of happy faces and thousands of people having a genuinely great time making memories with their friends and family that will last a life time. And that is truly what these shows are all about.


One of the things I most enjoy with all conventions is the cosplay. Though I can appreciate the people that spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, on their costumes I have really come to love the people that make everything from scratch with oftentimes amazing results. If you weren’t there, or even if you were, here are some of the amazing cosplayers from Rhode Island Comic Con 2016! Enjoy!




img_8019Love the Crocs!





I want to thank Jennifer Vincent and Zachary Albaugh for sharing some of their photos with me! Until next year!

~David Albaugh


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