As Halloween quickly approaches most children are getting excited for the big night when they can dress up as their favorite monster or Disney character and for a few hours just have fun as they go from door to door trick-or-treating. This year, with Halloween being on a Saturday, anticipation is high as most kids will be able to stay out a little later, increasing their yearly haul of treats by quite a bit.


Halloween is meant to be a night of fun, not only for the children dressed up trick-or-treating but also for the adults. Whether you are taking your kids out house-to-house or are staying home handing out candy, this night should be enjoyed by children of all ages. With the fun also comes safety.

Horror host Dr. Gangrene, the Physician of Fright, has put together some PSAs for Halloween night and we would like to share them with you! Have fun but be safe!!!

Dr_Gangrene-Halloween_PSA_Poster (1)


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