Movie Review: CLINGER (Not a bad movie to get stuck watching!)

CLINGER, directed by Michael Steves, is one of those movies that could go either way. The premise has been done before so what is important here is the execution. What I can say is that Steves succeeded where others have failed.

CLINGER is a teenage love story about Fern Peterson (played by Jennifer Laporte) and her first boyfriend Robert Klingher (played by Vincent Martella). Fern is very goal oriented wanting to go to MIT college after graduating high school and doing everything she can to get a track scholarship. Robert’s motivation is being with the love of his life.


Every minute with Fern is cause for celebration in Robert’s eyes, which starts to push Fern away. Though she cares deeply about Robert, his clinginess oftentimes is overwhelming and she realizes that once she leaves for college, she would be leaving him as well.


During one of their many anniversaries Robert sets up an elaborate scheme to proclaim his undying love for Fern. As Fern interrupts him to end their relationship, Robert is accidentally killed by the very scheme he set up. The remainder of the story deals with Robert coming back as a ghost to be with Fern and when he has his heartbroken by her, he plots to kill her so that they can be together forever in eternity.


I found this movie very entertaining from start to finish with a very likeable cast. For the most part it is a teenage comedy, similar to those that were so common during the 80’s, with a bit of horror thrown in the mix. Fern and Robert are both perfectly cast and if you have any memories of teen love from your high school days, then you will be able to relate to both of them.


The film moves at a nice pace and keeps you interested throughout. Even the secondary characters are fun, in particular Fern’s friend Moe who always talks in double speak, setting up something sexual but then turning it around into something clean. This movie plays out like a long episode of Joss Whedon’s BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and you just can’t go wrong with that!


CLINGER will be in select theaters and on VOD on October 23, 2015.

~David Albaugh


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