HORROR HOST REPORT: April 2014 Edition!


Greetings and welcome to the April 2014 Horror Host Report! On this day, we Terror Daves are currently together in Pennsylvania checking out the Pittsburgh Zoo as well as a UFO crash site (more on that in an upcoming post).

The Rondo Award nominations have been announced and many of the folks found in this report are on the ballot. We would REALLY appreciate it if you could vote for Terror from Beyond the Daves (that’s #18 on the ballot) for “Best Horror Blog 2013.” Each host that participates in this report who has been nominated will feature a Rondo banner at the bottom of their entry. Simply click the banner to access the Rondo ballot!


When we first started doing the Horror Host Report it included those active on commercial TV, Public Access, and Internet. We now have a new venue for enjoying horror hosts via Roku. For those unfamiliar, it’s a small box that provides access to even more channels – both free and those available for subscription. Cinema Insomnia’s Mr. Lobo was the first to bring this to our attention when he became a major player on Roku’s Zom-Bee TV channel. His Halloween special featuring the talents of various other hosts, was a big hit and now his pals John Dimes (Dr. Sarcifiguy’s alter ego) as well as Karlos Borloff have also become involved with the channel which should make for an interesting year ahead. We also learned that Nevada’s “Sinister Minister” is airing via the “Cryptic TV” channel on Roku as well and you can catch his shows on Friday nights! I was so fortunate to have been given a new Roku from a fan of Mr. Lobo’s – is relatively inexpensive and worth.

The Daves would like to wish the following hosts a very Happy Birthday during April:

April 1: Sally Zombie, April 7: Countess Gregula, April 11: Garou, and April 29th Adam Showers a.k.a. Morbid Melvin!



There’s some great Svengoolie appearances slated for April!

On April Sunday April 13th Svengoolie will be meeting up with legendary wrestling manager, Jim Cornette, at The Squared Circle Restaurant in Chicago (2418 Ashland N Ave Chicago).  Don’t miss “The Svengoolie Burger Challenge!”

1With owner Lisa Marie Varon & The Svengoolie Burger!

Then on April 26th Svengoolie will be appearing at C2E2 at McCormick Place! Sven will be signing from 2:45-4:15 and, if you’re planning to attend, GET THERE EARLY! Every year he appears the line needs to be cut and you don’t want to miss your opportunity!

1Last year’s line to see Svengoolie at C2E2 was NO joke!

Keep checking Svengoolie.com for more details!

This month Svengoolie will be featuring “Rotten Relative Reunions!” Special thanks to Morbo Kif for their great  posters!

On Saturday April 5th at 9pm Central/10pm Eastern on MeTV it’s The Bride of Frankenstein!


On Saturday April 12th it’s Son of Frankenstein!

On Saturday April 19th it’s Dracula’s Daughter!


Then on Saturday April 26th it’s House of Frankenstein!


Remember for ALL your Svengoolie needs including merchandise, appearances, and his blog go to svengoolie.com! If you’re new to Svengoolie and would like to see a collection of his classic bits, please visit Terror Dave Fuentes’ YouTube Channel HERE!

Svengoolie is nominated for “Favorite Horror Host” Category 24 in this year’s Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!




Count Gore De Vol will be a guest at Awesome Con, April 19 & 20 at the DC Convention Center. The guest list is truly awesome, including, Billie Piper, Steve Niles, Kevin Sorbo, JewelStaite, J. August Richards and too many others to mention. You can get more details HERE!


Count Gore De Vol at www.countgore.com invite you on April 5, to an orgy….or to be exact, the movie, “Vampire’s Night Orgy” in The Lab! Meanwhile I’m happy to bring you the very well done and funny horror short by Randy Granstrom called, “I Am Not Jessica” in my New Blood Showcase. Stefanie Von Guest reviews the Anime “Gankutsuo: The Count Of Monte Cristo” in The Loft. You’ll find two new book reviews by The TombKeeper in The Tomb, A culty DVD review by Dita Dirt Nap in Dita’s Den. Finally, I have a great interview with Ronald Moore, the Special Effects Supervisor for Star Trek the Next Generation and lots more films and TV shows. You’ll find him On The Rack!


On April 12, Tyler Bowman, who was the Grand Prize winner at my recent showing of “The Bride of Frankenstein” collects his prize by co-hosting the film “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things” in The Lab! I announce the winner of my Zombie Trivia Contest in The Game Room. and Lady Pam De Graff brings you another scary DVD discovery in The Screaming Room. In The Tomb, we have two new book reviews, there’s a culty movie review in Dita’s Den.


R.J. Haddy, the excting makeup artist who was a finalist in SyFy’s “Face Off” and is currently on “Foxy & Company is my guest interviewee On The Rack! I have a Brand New Contest in The Game Room! Stefanie Von Guest reviews the Anime “Black Blood Brothers” in The Loft. The TombKeeper has a pair of books on review in The Tomb and Dita Dirt Nap entertains with another culty movie review.

On the last Saturday of the month, April 26, I bring you the PREMIERE of Daniel Boyd’s 80’s cult film, “Chillers!” I also have an interview with Daniel AND I’m giving away a copy of this Troma DVD as well as copies of the NEW graphic novel based on the film!


As if that’s not enough, Lady Pam De Graff brings you another thrilling DVD discovery in The Screaming Room and there’s book reviews in The Tomb as well as a culty movie review in Dita’s Den!

Remember it all changes every Satruday night at www.countgore.com

Count Gore de Vol is nominated for “Favorite Horror Host” Category 24 in this year’s Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!






Hey Group!, I guess that I have been inducted into “The Horror Host Hall Of Fame” at this past Horror Hound Convention which I did not attend. The promoters and management of this convention and ceremony refused to accommodate myself or any of the other inductees who were still alive and able to attend with anything, nothing at all to be able to be there to accept this great moment in our careers. This only tells me that they really value our worth at zero.  I refuse to have to pay any money let alone top dollar, to come and be honored at an advertised convention event when I’m one of the people being honored. That’s just crazy! Not to mention the fact that any of inductees who were voted on and won and even thought about footing their own costs to attend this event, had under 2 weeks to plan the trip only to find out that the hotel was sold out. I guess they expected us to sleep in our cars in the parking lot out in the cold. Another point is, Elvira, Joe Bob or any of the Horror Film actors who are guests at this convention, who I never heard of, would never be treated in this manner.  This event was more like a “dis-honor” and a farce.  After 28 solid years on real broadcast television dealing with uncountable management, promoters, booking agents and more, never have I seen such an amateur attempt at an event.  So much for my and our great honor.  A BIG THANKS to anybody who voted or even cared.  I will be appearing at The Cinema Wasteland Convention April 4, 5 and 6 in Strongsville, Ohio and also at The Cinevent Convention May 22, 23 & 24 in Columbus, Ohio.   Stay Sick!   SOG

On March 29th, the Son Of Ghoul sent a follow up to this post: I just viewed the induction ceremony on line last night along with just other 30 viewers…WOW! Horror Hosts are so popular!  I thought that the event was better attended this year and that the presenters did a good job overall. 



Check out a sneak peek of Midnite Mausoleum’s latest project…PAYNEKILLER!

Midnite Mausoleum’s Marlena Midnite will be appearing Cinema Wasteland on April 5th!





Mr. Lobo will be hosting a screening of PLAN 9(2013) at the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE in Winchester, April 18th at 9PM. The long awaited remake of Ed Wood’s immortal PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE(1959) stars our movie host as “Criswell”. Other cast and crew will be in attendance for a Q and A scheduled afterwards. The theatre has table seating with beer, wine, and a full menu. And it’s right next door to the lovely Country Inn and Suites hotel in case you want to get Edward D. Wood drunk at the show. Zom-Bee TV will be covering the event and a new wrap around for the original film will be shot there for an upcoming Cinema Insomnia episode.

A ton of new episodes and other programming are in the works as Cinema Insomnia’s flagship channel and production studio Zom-Bee TV, is kicking things into a whole new level. Mr. Lobo has assembled a team of hand picked horror hosts to help anchor a new era in programing for fans.

Lobo likened his team to the gang from Ed Wood(1994) trying to run a TV station. At a recent appearance at Monster Mania in New Jersey, while giving out free autographs, flyers, sponsor PINE BROS. throat drops and ROKU video players as door prizes, he described his colleagues as collaborators, curators, and content creators. He was speaking of John Dimes(Doctor Sarcofiguy of Spooky Movie) and Jerry Moore(Karlos Borloff of Monster Madhouse). Also, reportedly tapped by this cadre of misfit b-mavens is Count Gore DeVol, Ormon Grimsby, and Penny Dreadful. All considered A-listers by most new horror host fans.

The channel is moving to a nightly format where the programming will go live at 8pm. On Demand content will still be available

Mr. Lobo, who looks 10 years younger due to his recent weight loss was very energetic, “We’re working very hard behind the scenes slaying giants–the talk show, the art for the channel, new Cinema Insomnia episodes, side projects, promotions, programming, fan events, we even hired an intern to help manage our social networking.”

Dixie Dellamorto and Mr. Lobo have also redesigned the channel interface in a style inpired by horror comic books. “We want to let people know that we represent the fun side of horror.”

Mr. Lobo has been nominated for “Favorite Horror Host” Category 24 in this year’s Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!




Welcome to the Host Report SINema After Hours” Philadelphia, PA. 
Stabigail & Cadavera were killed in a freak accident on the set for “Wheels of Doom, Terror at the Roller Rink” back in the 70’s- oh no! But fortunately for all of us, the powerful sorcerer Silas Killington has brought them back to host independent films in Philly! This is the area’s only LIVE (well… undead) & interactive horror hosted film event! “SINema After Hours” has screened over 30 independent (and mostly locally produced) films since the Terrible Twosome’s Resurrection in June! Stabigail & Cadavera will be opening their crypt to audiences again April 10th-12th at Walking Fish Theatre, 2509 Frankford Ave, 19125.

SINema 2014 flyer-page-001



Karlos Borloff is now officially part of  Zom-Bee TV’s family of horror hosts! Check out these great shots from The Monster Shop!








Karlos Borloff has been nominated for “Favorite Horror Host” Category 24 in this year’s Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!



ormon (2)

Check outs of Ormon Grimsby visiting 2014’s MAD MONSTER PARTY this past month!




1911195_10203467436306821_193927068_oA “selfie” with Bill Moseley!

Ormon Grimsby is nominated in category #24 FAVORITE HORROR HOST in this year’s Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!





Congratulations to Halloween Jack for what we heard was a very successful Horror Host Hall of Fame!

10003352_10152294794094165_1728548858_nPhoto by our friend, Jeffrey Allen Arnett


Check out Kreepy Kastle THIS Saturday as they welcome the legendary, Emmy Award winning Fritz the Nite Owl! It’ll be part of a special Fritz Double Feature and the beginning of Fritz on the First Saturday…EVERY month! Click HERE to tune in!

Halloween Jack is nominated in this year’s Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards TWICE! In category #23 along with Dale Kay, Halloween Jacqueline, and Mr. Maniacal  for their Kreep Kastle is nominated for BEST MULTI-MEDIA HORROR and categoty #24 FAVORITE HORROR HOST!




Elvira Mistress of the Dark will be appearing at The Salt Lake Comic Con April 17-19th!


For all your Elvira news and needs visit her site HERE!



Congratulations to Penny Dreadful for he recent induction to the Horror Host Hall of Fame!

Penny Dreadful has been nominated for “Favorite Horror Host” Category 24 in this year’s Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!




This month on Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies…

On Saturday April 5th it’s The Bat!


On Saturday April 12th it’s The Brain that Wouldn’t Die!


On Saturday April 19th it’s Horror Hotel!


On Saturday April 26th it’s The Brainiac!



Zomboo has been nominated in category #24 for FAVORITE HORROR HOST in the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!





Janet Jay is a guest at Motor City Nightmares April 25, 25, 26 (last weekend in April) And DVD’s will be for sale there.






April is upon us!!! Our events in April are very unique. First it will be the 30th annual Dorian Gray Art show April 26th at Rock Heads in Kenosha.


We are still looking for Artists, Models, Horror Hosts and Mask Makers for the event. The Dorian Gray Art Show was created in 1984 to showcase Horror Artists. There are two gigs for My band the Roosevelt Dolls One in Milwaukee on April 11th and in Kenosha April 18th (the Johnny Thunders Tribute Show).



We continue to canvas Milwaukee promoting the new Crimson Theatre Milwaukee show. The Roosevelt Dolls are currently recording for a full length  CD of Horror themed rock n roll.





Greetings, friends!

Well, as our home base (aka Access Monterey Peninsula) is still undergoing the throes of a physical move and the relocation of all of its files, the MANOR is in a “wait and see” format… that means that not even WE know for sure what is going to turn up on any given weekend!

What we CAN tell you is that we’re in the middle of our seventeenth RERUN season, which means that you get original MANOR episode interspersed with GUEST SHOWS from throughout the Horror Host Underground!

If things go according to plan, you’re going to catch us on our amazing WORLD TOUR, in which we attempt to hit ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS over the course of a thirteen-episode season! We’ve already been to North and South America, Europe and Africa… but we still have additional stops along the way including a visit to Rome (as in ROME AGAINST ROME with John Drew Barrymore), Australia, Mexico and Thailand as we set our ultimate goal for Antarctica!

So prepared to be amazed, edified, educated and just plain entertained by the MANOR WORLD TOUR!

Fridays 10PM Pacific
Saturdays 5AM and 10PM Pacific
Monterey cable channel 24 (AMP)
or on-line at www.ampmedia.org
Choose “Programs” and then “Web Stream” for Channel 24 (or AMP1)!

Your pal,

Remo D is nominated for a Rondo Award in Category #24 FAVORITE HORROR HOST!




The Sinister Minister’s Midnight Massacre Theater is on Roku’s FREE Cryptic TV Channel every Friday night!




Showing on Monster Movie Night starring Bobby Gammonster – Internet Horror Host with pal Boris the Buzzard in honor of our anniversary of coming out of the coffin as Horror Hosts we are showing a “Re-Vamped” version of our very first show featuring “Dracula vs. Frankenstein ” starring cameos by Forrest J Ackerman, and  Lon Chaney Jr . When I first started out I only videoed my part of the show by itself and then linked to the movie, but later on with lots of good help I finally learned how to incorporate my part in with the show so this why this show only has me at the beginning  . Coming soon “Dungeon of Harrow” and anew Indy film “Dead Kansas” never seen on any other Horror Host show. So join us at http://www.monstermovienight.com and Keep Screaming.

The Daves would like to thank Bobby Gammonster for this great “Shout out!”



Hello my Special Daves and other assorted Human Creatures. I hope everyone has started to thaw out, that was sure a long cold winter. But now I have lots of fun surprises lined up for this year. My Brew Crew has been busy cleaning my castle and getting me updated on all of the things I’ve missed since 1989. I’ll have a brand new short film for you April 1st called “The Awakening of Misty Brew”. It will be on my Youtube Channel sometime that day.  Really, no ffffoolin!

Last time I promised to send you a special photo, so I made sure to keep to my word. I hope you like them. My special human creature Brant Hutchcraft took them at my Castle. I’ll have more photos to share on my Facebook later this month…


The crew has also added lots of new items to The Misty Brew Store. T-shirts, Hats, Buttons, Maganets, Games, so much fun stuff you’ll just have to come shopping with me HERE!

I sent out a very special “Thank You to Gar Ghoul” for all the love on his show. Make sure to catch his Horrible Horror Show every Saturday Night. His web show is lots of fun and full of laughs. “Bleh Bleh” my Special new Ghoul Friend HERE!





Hello friends!  Well, March was a busy month and looks like April is going to be even more busy. On top of doing our weekly show, we will also be appearing at a couple of comic cons. In Wisconsin and Illinois.  Things are in high gear for Deadgar and Sinister as we are getting ready to release our own Hot Sauce line.  A med. Hot sauce called “Sinister” and a BURN YOUR THROAT hot sauce called “Deadgar’s Inferno”. Made by Igor’s hot sauces.  We also won a Award at the Midwest Video Fest and will be in Madison Wi. On April 25th to receive our award at the  BEST OF THE MIDWEST VIDEO FEST 2014.  Well thats it for now.  HAPPY NIGHTMARES






While neither Terror Dave was able to attend this past Horror Host Hall of Fame we heard from our friend, Jeffrey Allen Arnett that it was a lot of fun! Aside from having HBO’s Tales from the Crypt’s Crypt-Keeper himself, John Kassir, in attendance there were also some unforgettable moments! One was the hear-felt acceptance speech for Penny Dreadful (who had to cancel last minute) and Jeffrey said his favorite moment was getting the great Bob Burns himself to address the ceremony via speaker phone!

From Jeffrey: March 22, 2014 – As Halloween Jack reminded a crowded room of fans and hosts, “Ohio is the Mecca for Horror Hosts” so it was fitting that we all gathered at the Sharonville Convention Center to witness the Horror Host Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony just one of the highlights of HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati.



The induction of the following hosts to the horror host hall of fame:

The Creep, Dr. Madblood, Dr. Shock, The Ghoul, Grampa, John Kassir – The Crypt Keeper, Mad Daddy, Penny Dreadful, Son of Ghou, and l Uncle Ted!






John Kassir aka Crypt Keeper was present at the ceremony and Bob Burns accepted his induction (for “Behind the Screams) via speakerphone.




Dr Gangrene’s kind words regarding Penny Dreadful – he spoke of having found in Penny a kindred spirit he reminded us all of Garou’s current plight.




Finally perhaps the best part was the collection of all hosts onstage to honor Uncle Forry.


Special thanks to Jeffrey Allen Arnett for his eyewitness report!



If you’re a host who’d like to participate in our May 2014 Report, send your photos, links, and updates to horrorhostreport@gmail.com!

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