It’s Rondo Time Again!!! PLEASE VOTE!


Although it arrived a bit later than usual this year, the nominees for the 2013 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards were recently announced; officially awakening us genre fans out of our post Halloween slumber. Just like the Academy Awards or numerous other award ceremonies in the “mainstream” world, the Rondos are rife with excitement and mixed emotions from us horror fans. Those lucky enough to be nominated immediately start posting on social media how honored they are while pleading for anyone reading to take the time and vote for them like we are now. Those who aren’t nominated respond one of three ways; either they’re good sports and throw their support towards a friend, silently seethe, or start ranting about how stupid the whole thing is.

Here’s the truth about the Rondos; it aint perfect and does often unintentionally miss some very talented people. For example, I’ve gone to enough horror themed events to know that the omission of “Nightmare on Chicago Street” headed up by the amazing Alice Moring is far superior to the majority of official nominees listed in Category #21 BEST FAN EVENT (and , YES, I am strongly urging our readers to vote for it anyway as a “write in”).


Let me assure you that it absolutely IS an honor to be nominated and, while I don’t know how it feels to be omitted from the ballot, I can tell you that it really does sting a bit when you don’t win. Well how couldn’t it? When you work hard at something you want to see that it be acknowledged Though this may sound awfully egoic (ego-based) on the surface, it’s also the normal human condition to want to feel like you’ve made a difference and be given approval from your peers.

So far as The Rondos are concerned, Terror from Beyond the Daves has been truly blessed. This will be the 4th straight year we’ve been nominated; the first time after we’d scarcely been running 6 months and it completely caught us off guard. Both Daves had faithfully voted for Rondo winners over the years and to one day see us on the ballot was surreal. That year we came in third place and then, the following year, brought home the statue. The number one question we’ve gotten since is, “Did they send you one statue or two?” Happily, BOTH Daves were given their own statues and they’re really nice, too. It’s always important to do what you do because you love doing it and not because you’re looking for accolades but, regardless, there is something very gratifying holding that statue in your hands and periodically looking at it on your shelf…especially on days when we’re feeling uninspired.


Also of note on this year’s ballot is the #9 Category BEST INDEPENDENT FILM which features “Son of Ghostman.” The film was reviewed on this site by Terror Dave Albaugh (and you can check that out HERE) and was created by Kurt Larson who was inspired by Svengoolie!


Svengoolie fans will also want to vote in Category #15 BEST THEMED (Magazine) ISSUE. Scary Monsters #87 is the Svengoolie tribute issue and something very near and dear to us Daves. Terror Dave Fuentes worked hard helping publisher Dennis Druktenis gather articles from some of the hosts’ most devoted fans including from the late Joan Yingst. Svengoolie is also nominated and our pick for Category #24 for FAVORITE HORROR HOST.


We were also pleased to see that Ormon Grimsby finally made it onto the ballot in Category #24 and that our friend, Halloween Jack and his pal, Dale Kay, have been nominated for their Kreepy Kastle podcast which is dedicated to horror hosts! That is in Category #23 BEST MULTI-MEDIA HORROR.


In Category #13 our friend, AC Christensen’s HIDDEN HORROR book is nominated for BEST BOOK. We’ve discussed that book on this site before and please take the time to enter our HIDDEN HORROR contest (click on banner on the upper right for details. That was published by our friend, Jon Kitley, who is also our pick for Category #16 BEST MAGAZINE COLUMN for his “They Came from the Krypt!”


Finally, please consider our friends from Midnight Syndicate in Category #25 BEST CD for their amazing “Monsters of Legend” (covered HERE)

Have we missed anyone? Oh…yeah…PLEASE vote for us in Category #19 BEST BLOG.  You do NOT have to vote in all categories (but hopefully for us in THIS one) and we promise we’re not going to be obnoxious about this. Aside from mentioning it in our April Horror Host report introduction and possibly the week before voting ends, it won’t come up again.

To vote in this year’s Rondo’s please send an email (one per person) to along with your choices. The full ballot can be viewed HERE. Be sure to write your name at the bottom so they know you’re a real person and not voting multiple times.

Good luck to all our friends and special thanks to the Rondos for including us. It’s really an honor just to be nominated…but it’s even better when you win!

The Terror Daves


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