Dinosaurs Stomp the Milwaukee Zoo!


In an effort to bring in more guests to support the animals in their collections, many zoos around the country are seeking out extinct ones! Dinosaurs are a HUGE hit among kids (and adult kids like me) and perfectly illustrate that some of the best monsters imaginable were ones that really existed! These shots were taken at the Milwaukee Zoo’s “Adventure Dinosaur”  and I loved how they incorporated realistic looking foliage to really give guests the full dino-effect! The prehistoric beasts also moved and made sounds!

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Hidden Jerry G. Bishop Svengoolie Treasures Unearthed at G-FEST!


One of the most surprising moments at Svengoolie’s recent appearance at G-FEST was when a long-time Svengoolie fan named Tony Kapsis shared  some vintage items from one of Jerry G. Bishop’s public appearances in the early 1970’s.

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Penny Dreadful’s Shilling Shockers’ Monster Hunting Kit!


It’s always a pleasure for a Midwesterner like myself to meet up with the incomparable Penny Dreadful and the talented crew of Shilling Shockers! I had driven from my native Chicago to attend this year’s MONSTERBASH convention in Pennsylvania and it provided the perfect halfway point for catching up with New England’s finest. I had just spent the previous weeks watching her wonderful Season Eight (which I urge you to order copies for yourselves by clicking HERE) and wanted to tell them personally what a great job I thought they’d done on it.

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Giving Props to “ParaNorman!”

Over the weekend I made it a mission to see the stop-motion animated film ParaNorman. Since I do a 3-dimentional web comic using real models, I especially wanted to see this film. It seems that stop-motion animated films are rare with what Pixar and computer animation can do these days, and they take tremendous amounts of time to film. Before the film started, two trailers for upcoming animated horror styled films, Frankenweenie and Hotel Transylvania, tells me that animated horror kids films now are a genre.

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“Haunting Tales of Horrorbles” and Svengoolie!


I hadn’t seen Horror Host, Svengoolie, descend upon Berwyn (a town he’s helped make famous) since he Grand Marshalled their “Houby Parade” last October (story HERE). I can’t recall the last time I’d seen him at their local treasure, “Horrorbles,” but I DO know that it was some time before I became a “Terror Dave.”  It couldn’t happen too much for me, as the two seem made for each other. Not only because the Horror themed store is the official supplier of Sven’s rubber chickens but because they are both hallowed horror institutions of Chicagoland.

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Vocalist Destini Beard releases A Time Forgotten CD featuring music of Midnight Syndicate


August 7, 2012 (Cleveland, OH) – Vocalist Destini Beard has released A TIME FORGOTTEN, her first full-length album and followup to 2010’s successful THE DARK MASQUERADE EP.   As with her previous release, the album showcases Destini’s lyrics and haunting, alluring vocal performances and arrangements blended with music from gothic horror music pioneers Midnight Syndicate.