Freakhouse Flicks Brings Horror to Center Stage!


The creepy crew of Scarevania’s Freakhouse Flicks  made their live stage debut July 21st at  The White Rabbit Cabaret in Indianapolis, IN. As the patrons made their way to their seats they were greeted by a stage scene depicting the inside of a “10 in 1” sideshow tent. As the house lights went down, the evening was kicked off by carnival talker (and leader of the Freakhouse Flicks gang) Francis D. Pickles!

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Saddle Up, Cowpokes: It’s High Time For The Little Boots Rodeo (And Svengoolie)!

The Daves would like to welcome back guest blogger Jamie Lee Cortese! We always appreciate her contributions to this site!


Community events, in my experience, can offer up a surprising amount of fun.  The annual Little Boots Rodeo in Elk Grove Village is no exception.

Like the previous year, this year’s Rodeo was two days (Saturday, June 23, and Sunday, June 24).  To the extent of my knowledge, the various offerings at the event were the same both days.

Among the returning attractions was a pair of mechanical bulls.  These particular bucking bulls are designed for, as the event’s moniker suggests, the “little boots” moseying around the Rodeo.  Although anyone can saddle up and try his or her luck, as a general rule, if you find yourself sitting down on the bull rather than hoisting yourself up onto it, then don’t expect to go tumbling to the inflated terrain below except of your own accord.  For the junior cowpokes, however, it offers a fun opportunity for them to brush up on their bull taming skills without their parents worrying about their safety.

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G-FEST XIX Monster Costume Parade: Godzilla Fans Stomp the Catwalk!


Without question, the MOST popular facet of G-FEST is the costume thread! Fans who spend the better part of the previous year creating their own Kaiju inspired costumes head to Chicago to each July to partake in one of the most unique contest contests around. This was my ninth G-FEST and it amazes me just how much its grown since I tried my hand at costume making and entered my own kids in the contest years ago.

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A GODZILLA-sized Welcome for SVENGOOLIE at G-FEST!


When I say that it was a dream come true for National Horror Host, Svengoolie, to be a guest at the quintessential Godzilla event, G-FEST, I am really not kidding! I rediscovered that Sven was back on TV in 2003 and went to my first G-FEST in 2004 – wondering for the last 8 years why the two had never joined forces. After all, this was the Horror Host who helped cultivate my love of these films back in his “Son of Svengoolie” days. He’s also family & fan friendly, and there are few other events that capture that spirit like G-FEST does.

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