2012 Horrorhound Weekend Ohio: And so goes the Horror Nation…


It was a gloomy day in Chicago when I picked up the “other Dave” at  Midway Airport. Despite a delay in getting our rental car and a GPS system intent on sending us on a scenic tour of Ohio, we arrived at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Columbus soon after HORRORHOUND WEEKEND began. The accommodations were nice and we were fortunate to have gotten our room there as the demand for the event was such that many guests had no choice but to stay at neighboring hotels.

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The Terror Daves to induct the UNIVERSAL SHOCK PACKAGE at Horrorhound Hall of Fame Ceremony!

We were honored last week when Jason Hignite from HORRORHOUND WEEKEND asked us to induct The Universal Shock Theater Package into the Hall of Fame this coming weekend at the big event!  This historic collection of 52 films (one for each week of the year) given to commercial TV stations in 1957 featured Universal’s classic collection of monsters and led to both the proliferation of horror hosts as well as monster fans across the country!

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BASEMENT SUBLET OF HORROR: 10 Questions with Gunther Dedmund!

Horror hosts come from all walks of life and from all corners of the United States (and beyond). America’s heartland is no exception and it is here, tucked down in his basement, where Gunther Dedmund lurks. Gunther has been entertaining folks in his native Kansas for ten years now and, if you’ve never heard of him, consider this an introduction of sorts. The Daves met Gunther at Horrorhound Weekend Indianapolis last March. The quiet and assuming host would later prove to be quite versatile – even creating a host group photo of those present at the event in lieu of one not actually being taken. He honored us by giving our site the honor of distributing the photo and even further by including The Daves in his special Horror Host collector card set!

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Gre-Gory, the Big Bad Vampire Bat, by Mattel, is a toy that though I never owned personally, is one I always remembered! Being a monster fan as a child meant monster toys that for the most part were few and far between. I remember when I first saw the commercials for this toy it was something I wanted immediately (though to be honest, I don’t remember why I never got one)! This toy came out in 1978 and to this day I am surprised that it never made it to my Christmas list!

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Documentary film-maker Sean Kotz on THE BOWMAN BODY

TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES is pleased to welcome Sean Kotz as a guest blogger! Sean is co-founder of Horse Archer Productions.  He and his partner, Chris Valluzzo, produced, directed and released their second horror host documentary in 2011 called HI THERE HORROR MOVIE FANS about legendary host, The Bowman Body.   The film has been nominated for Rondo Award for Best Documentary of 2011.

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