Horror Takes a Bow: An Interview with Wildclaw Theatre’s Scott Barsotti!

Scott Barsotti on the set of THE REVENANTS 2009!

Earlier this past week I highlighted my amazing experience seeing the play KILL ME (see story HERE) courtesy of Wildclaw Theatre! Afterwards I had an opportunity to chat with the young and talented playwright, Scott Barsotti, and I have no doubt you will find his as endearing to your horror hearts as I did…

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WILDCLAW THEATRE: Horror is a dish best served “Live!”


When you tell someone that you’re a  fan of horror, they will immediately assume that you’re specifically a fan of horror movies. While it is true the silver screen has been its primary source, ever since Bela Lagosi’s DRACULA uttered his maniacal “Good evening,” this should not suggest that it is the only medium for which us fans may indulge. In fact, ever since Ancient Greece, plays depicting the supernatural and horror have been a prominent feature of our human existence. We Westerners can trace our heritage of the genre as far back as Shakespeare. Not only does Horror have a long and distinguished history of being performed “Live,” many of us would be surprised to learn that Lagosi had been portraying “Dracula” on Broadway years before his native Hungarian accent would become forever linked to the character in thanks to Universal Pictures.

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A Day at the Races…with Horror Host Svengoolie!


This past Saturday, the FIRST major Svengoolie appearance of 2012 was “out of the gate!” Yes, I’m one of those lucky fans from Chicago who not only is able to STILL enjoy his childhood host as an adult, but saw him proliferate this past year by going national. Since TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES is a horror host friendly site, created by two childhood fans of Sven, its become a great excuse to stalk the man’s appearances without raising two many eyebrows (except on Facebook where I seem to get called out on it all the time).

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“My Bloody Valentine”…Less Cut means more Cutting!


“Beware the 14th!” hisses a cantankerous bartender working in the small mining  community of “Valentine Bluffs”…and not just because you’re about to get fleeced by The Hallmark Greeting Card company! The 1980’s were, without question, the golden age of the “slasher movie”; with particular emphasis on any special day on the calendar that could provide an excuse for some maniacal killer to start hacking away at horny young people. HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY the 13th, and GRADUATION DAY were just a few of those special occasions when you’d be better off locking your doors and hiding under your bed as opposed to going out and being festive.

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Cool Monster Toys of the 80’s – BOGLINS!!!


I will always say that growing up in the 70’s was the best time to be a kid. We had THE BEST toys available to us and in my opinion, there has not been a better assortment of toys available to kids since. One of the top toy manufacturers at the time was MEGO, who specialized in the 8″ WORLD’S GREATEST SUPER-HEROES figures as well as MICRONAUTS and even a cool robot called 2-XL that played 8-track tapes full of interactive games and questions.

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WOMAN IN BLACK…and Harry Potter ain’t coming back!


Last weekend I suffered through a DVD viewing of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 and realized how badly I was a craving a good old fashioned tale of the supernatural. Little did I know that a new ghost story was looming just around the corner and to be released this weekend ala’ THE WOMAN IN BLACK NOTE: As pointed out to me on Facebook by Ryan Clark, this is a Hammer remake and not “new” as in fresh idea. Thanks Ryan). So yesterday I eagerly headed over to the local theater for a mid-day matinee – entering an auditorium with only about seven other patrons. This wasn’t too surprising as most of the world was, no doubt, busy picking up last minute snacks and beer for the big Superbowl game today.

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