Who, Me? Part 4: Out Of The Black Void Of Sacramento, It’s Mr. Lobo! (And Dixie Dellamorto!)

By: Jamie Lee Cortese


After I met Count Gore De Vol, next up was Mr. Lobo.  It was time to put a face behind the name of the random person who had sent that e-mail to him.

He and Dixie Dellamorto had finished setting up their table right next to the Count’s, so I stopped over there to check out the merchandise and introduce myself.  After I told them my name, I could see the instant recognition so clearly in their faces, which really threw me for a loop, as I was not expecting them to recognize by my name along and remember me so quickly.

Who, me?

Despite all of this, I was, for some weird reason, still desperate to show him right off the bat that he was not simply a random horror host whose name I had picked out of a hat.  Just like all of the hosts I had contacted, I had a specific reason for choosing Mr. Lobo and Cinema Insomnia to include in my project, and I had indeed done my research on him and the show.  Unable to think of anything else at the time, I told him and Ms. Dellamorto how much I enjoyed their videos “RE: Monster Mash” and “Re: Elvira’s Not a Witch”.  Much to my relief, this got a laugh from both of them, and it started off a great conversation!

Both Mr. Lobo and Dixie Dellamorto were very kind, showing me their display copy of the first issue of the magazine Horror Hosts and Creature Features, pointing out the 13 Hosts comic they were selling, and telling me about some of the DVDs they had for sale as well.  There was already a sizable crowd gathering around the table, and yet they still went way out of their way to talk to me while I lingered.  Like Count Gore De Vol, Mr. Lobo was also very eager to be interviewed on-camera by me during HorrorHound!

Who, me?

mr-lobo-1Mr. Lobo somehow found his way out of his void to come to HorrorHound!  During his own interview, he had me recite the Insomniac Oath, so I have video proof that I am now an official Cinsomniac!  Ah yes, the two-finger point:  That’s a great story, by the way!

 During the course of our conversation, the subject of my name came up.  In his initial reply to the e-mail I had sent out, Mr. Lobo had pointed out that my name bore a striking resemblance to that of “Scream Queen” Jamie Lee Curtis.  Countless people have noticed this throughout my life, so I laughed when I first read his comment.  However, when this topic came up in discussion, I found out that, apparently, upon reading my initial e-mail, both Mr. Lobo and Dixie Dellamorto thought that I was using a fake name!  They had figured that I was either a horror host or a horror host hopeful who was sending the e-mail under an assumed “horror host name” of my own concoction!

I had so much fun talking to him and Ms. Dellamorto at their table that, when I finally left a few minutes later, I realized:  I hadn’t bought anything they were selling besides an autograph card and a button!  Of course, later that day and the following day, I made sure I rectified that, buying a copy of the Horror Hosts and Creature Features magazine, the 13 Hosts comic, and a Monster From a Prehistoric Planet DVD!  Both Mr. Lobo and Ms. Dellamorto were also very generous in the way of autographs, offering to sign everything I bought!  The button, of course, was too small for this, but I digress…

dixie-dellamorto-1Dixie Dellamorto was delightful to talk to!  Can you see the picture of Pee-wee Herman on her necklace?

 After seeing a couple of other hosts, including Darkest Jack and Uncle Death, I checked back in by Ms. Monster’s table. Finding out that she still hadn’t arrived just yet, I turned around to seek out other horror hosts I hadn’t met yet. (Gee, in hindsight, Tit and Tat must’ve thought I was nuts!)

Well, that made two horror hosts I could check off of my list of people to meet, and I felt like I was on a rollBut, I still had three more to track down and talk to.  The only question was:  Who would be next?

Coming up in Part 5: Wolfman Mac!  Yes, it was time to pull into the Chiller Drive-In (Well, to walk over to their booth, anyway…)!  The werewolf himself was sorely missed at HorrorHound, but I still was lucky enough to be able to speak with him!  Find out how… soon!

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