10 YEARS OF REMO D! Interview by The Bone Jangler!

Interview conducted by The Bone Jangler

The Bone Jangler: What made you decide to become a Horror Host?

Remo D: I grew up with the genre, and I have my father to thank for that. My earliest “movie” memory involves watching THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN with him on television–while I’m told that the “giant” spider scene drove many a child to hide behind the couch, I was simply fascinated. Watching the Saturday night “Creature Features” on WGN became a tradition (at least while Mary Tyler Moore and Bob Newhart were in reruns).

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Coming out of Horror’s Closet: Mark Patton from NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2: FREDDY’S REVENGE!


Horror fans have mixed emotions regarding the first sequel to the original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. While the film would see the return of the ever popular Freddy Krueger – one of top three names in the slasher franchise, the film’s lead character would prove controversial. Mark Patton had unsuccessfully tried out for the role of “Glen” (given to Johnny Depp) in the original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET but was hand picked to play the role of “Jessie” in FREDDY’S REVENGE.”I was thrilled to be chosen to Star in NOES2,” said Patton. “Lately it has come to light that I was cast over Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. Times change, I guess they are OK.”

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By Shaun “Genghis” Kangas

svengoolie-1“Nothing says America like Svengoolie and Pro-Wrestling!”

Last week Saturday , June 18th, I drove 2 hours and 45 minutes from Lake Mills, WI to Oak Lawn, IL .When I heard that Svengoolie and Pro-Wrestling legends Bret Hart and Mick Foley were all gonna be at the same Pro-wrestling event, I had to go! I want to publicly say who ever hooked up Pro-wrestling event with a Svengoolie appearance is a GENIUS!

I have been a wrestling fan for years, since I was five. Later on in life, after my days of playing in my band, I got involved with wrestling promotion. I did it for 2 1/2 years helping the NAWF and NWA Wisconsin wrestling promotions in Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee and Rockford areas. I have been a Svengoolie fan for years, also since age five. Not a week goes by when I don’t watch his show, even if it is a replay, I don’t care, I love horror films….and Svengoolie!

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CRAPPY ACTION DUDE COMICS…featuring Shaun Kangas!


Okay, this is a long and weird story……

How Crappy Action Dude Comics started, and how we got to this point, we have to go back to the year 1999. I was in a heavy metal band based out of Madison WI, and I started a graphic art business, “plan9 Productions.” We made everything from flyers to T-shirts for rock bands. I was making really funny flyers using action figures to promote them.

My band got mad with me because I was making more merchandise for other bands then for us. After many years of touring, I quit the band in 2003, and went into other entertainment fields with my connections I had made in the business. Over time I became burnt out on the crappy music scene and was doing graphic art on the side for money. Everything from TV commercials to band flyers, “plan9 Productions” cranked out a lot of stuff. This is when I started experimenting making a comic with action figures – in 2003.  I really just wanted to become better at Photoshop, and using the little toys was a great way to learn.

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CALL OF THE DEAD: Buffy, Trejo, Englund, and Rooker vs Romero’s Zombies!


TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES welcomes guest writer, Alex Fuentes, for a teen review of an amazing new game!

I consider myself a serious video game player. One of my favorite games would be CALL OF DUTY: ZOMBIES where your job is to take on constant waves of zombie hordes while seeing how long you can survive on your own – or with your friends.

During the game, you will discover secrets behind the characters as well as how the zombies came to be. The company behind this game, “Treyarch,” came out with a content pack that would not only be suitable for the average gamer, but for horror fans as well. Expanding on their extremely popular CALL OF DUTY game, they recently released a spin-off titled CALL OF THE DEAD.

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Photo courtesy of Steve Sherman

On June 13th, 1986 Keven Scarpino a.k.a. The Son of Ghoul hit the Ohio airwaves and the world of horror hosting hasn’t been the same since. Having been a fan of the legendary Ghoulardi and christened “The Son of Ghoul” by his successor ( The Ghoul) three years earlier – perhaps it was simply a case of destiny.

After working behind the scenes (and occasionally on camera) with The Cool Ghoul (George Cavender) he would later take over the reigns as host of “Thriller Theater” before it would simply become “The Son of Ghoul Show.”

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