Dr. Destruction’s Summer of Lovecraft!


I received some great photos today from Wisconsin horror host, Dr. Destruction. This past weekend, Destruction’s home town of Kenosha, Wisconsin celebrated the “Summer of Lovecraft.” This unique festival combines Gothic art and activities tailor made for those seeking  the darker aspects of artistic expression.

26195_389041011392_690816392_5376100_1596960_n“A very Lovecraft inspired painting from the show” Dr. Destruction

The festival also featured a TWILIGHT look alike contest which was perfect for keeping the kiddies busy while serious folks could enjoy watching Dr. Destruction perform with his old band, “The Dead Leathers.”




This was a special occasion for the band who are celebrating their 30th anniversary tour. The show took place in front of the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Kenosha.


Dr. Destruction’s performance garnered lots of attention, including from the Mayor of Kenosha himself, Mayor Keith Bosman.

40445_1584427413050_1306706736_1613896_2659906_n1Mayor Bosman poses with the group while engaging in a discussion regarding “noise pollution.”

Hats off to Dr. Destruction! There are few horror hosts that can boast this strong a connection to their local communities. Whether on stage or off…the man rocks!

img067Dave Fuentes~


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