Welcome all!

Hello readers of TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES. This is the “other” Dave, aka Dave A. I have had a lifelong love of all things monsters. I grew up in Rhode Island so every Saturday I watched the Creature Double Feature that was shown on WLVI Channel 56 out of Boston, MA. Yes, I had to draw the signal in with rabbit ears and yes the picture was usually VERY snowy but there I was, tuned in every Saturday. As time went on and we got cable, I started watching Super Scary Saturday (hosted by Grampa Munster) on WTBS and Morgus The Magnificent on WPIX. I just could not get enough of these shows! Then came videotapes and so started my extensive collecting of horror/sci-fi/monster movies (which of course later had to be replaced in DVD and Blu-Ray format). In addition to collecting movies I also collect toys and monster masks. I am a huge fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Godzilla so alot of my collection does revolve around that. Me and Dave created this site so that we could share our interests with everyone out there with similar interests. We hope to add to this site regularly and since this is a work in progress I am sure it will evolve quite a bit in the coming months! We hope you enjoy reading our rants and raves as much as we enjoy making them!

David A.


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