Welcome to Terror from Beyond the Daves!

I know, I know…it seems like everyone has a blog going these days. Several months ago I met (online) the other Dave.  Being a Chicago man, I grew up with the legendary Son of Svengoolie horror host and was delighted to discover, years later, that he was back on the air – this time simply as Svengoolie. I joined the Svengoolie YAHOO group and that’s where I met Dave A. He’s lived in Rhode Island his whole life but managed to catch the Son of Svengoolie when it aired via a Boston channel. Needing someone to send him Svengoolie shows I was happy to oblige, though he ended up contributing far more missed episodes to my collection which he had somehow managed to acquire. Cursory emailing led to Facebook and we soon realized that we had lots more in common than Svengoolie. We both shared a love of horror/sci fi movies (both vintage and modern) as well as warm feelings towards a Japanese monster named Godzilla. We also shared in the discovery of other horror hosts from across the country. Notable personalities such as Wolfman Mac, Penny Dreadful, Zomboo,  Doktor Ghoulfinger, and Mr. Lobo (to name but a few). These are names that you’ll be hearing a lot as this site progresses. The idea came up that we should start an actual website months ago but, after numerous attempts to figure out how to go about it, we remained stuck in neutral. Hopefully we can still accomplish our original goal in sharing our love of horror and horror hosts with current friends and new ones. We look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to add to this rather broad Mission Statement.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few folks for making this possible. To my friend Nikki who came up with this whole idea and to Richard Braden – the extremely talented guy who designed our logo. I hope you’ll enjoy my sardonic wit and Dave A’s enthusiasm as we venture into the world of horror fandom.

Dave F


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Terror from Beyond the Daves!

  1. Well alright!! Sounds great Dave. Sorry we have not been in touch. I will explain. Growing up in a haunted house I lived a life of terror. Working at that place we worked with some of the staff we had…..well ….let’s just say enough said. LOL. Looking forward to reading your blogs. If you ever want me to share TRUE stories let me know. Cindy

  2. This looks awesome! The header looks amazing. Congratulations on placing your flag in a little chunk of cyberspace, Daves!

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