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CALL OF THE DEAD: Buffy, Trejo, Englund, and Rooker vs Romero’s Zombies!


TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES welcomes guest writer, Alex Fuentes, for a teen review of an amazing new game!

I consider myself a serious video game player. One of my favorite games would be CALL OF DUTY: ZOMBIES where your job is to take on constant waves of zombie hordes while seeing how long you can survive on your own – or with your friends.

During the game, you will discover secrets behind the characters as well as how the zombies came to be. The company behind this game, “Treyarch,” came out with a content pack that would not only be suitable for the average gamer, but for horror fans as well. Expanding on their extremely popular CALL OF DUTY game, they recently released a spin-off titled CALL OF THE DEAD.


George Romero, Vinnie Vincent, Linda Blair, Adrienne King…Celebrity Convention Encounters!


The biggest draw of any fan convention lies with the celebrities they feature. I find that there are few experiences more gratifying than seeing your idols up close and having an opportunity to tell them how much you appreciate their work. You can also get a small glimpse of what they are really like as opposed to the 2-Dimensional view offered by the small & large screens.


2010 Rock n’ Shock with Danny Trejo & Zoe Bell!


On Saturday morning we descended upon the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts approximately a half hour before the “Rock & Shock” convention was to begin. While observing the rather interesting looking attendees, the doors soon opened and we anxiously entered the main hall. It took some time for our eyes to adjust to the kaleidoscope of sights before us, so that we could determine which direction we should head. As mentioned during my coverage of Horrorhound, it is always a good idea to pre-plan your convention experience to ensure that you get the very most out of it. David had wisely printed out an itinerary that listed all the celebrities we wanted to meet by order of priority.


MACHETE – the other Dave’s review!


I just got back from the theater after seeing Robert Rodriguez’s MACHETE. I have been a longtime fan of both Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino and loved their GRINDHOUSE double feature (PLANET TERROR and DEATH PROOF). I loved the whole concept of this movie…the double feature, the scratches on the film and the fake trailers. A lot of people complained about GRINDHOUSE (even though they were getting two full-length movies for the price of one)…the thing is these people just didn’t get it. All of these things were done as a tribute to the old days when you could go to run down theaters and see movies that would be shipped from one theater to another, resulting in the scratches and missing scenes.  Back then these trailers were oftentimes as fun as the movies themselves (as was the case with GRINDHOUSE). One of the trailers, MACHETE, was actually made into a movie and it did not disappoint.


Labor Day Weekend Double Feature: MACHETE & THE LAST EXORCISM


This Labor Day Weekend I decided to pay tribute to a bygone era in our nation’s theater going history – the drive-in double feature!  With two films currently playing that I wanted to see, I carefully selected which theaters had both, along with compatible times.



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