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What’s your Point of View on POV Horror Films Podcast: Featuring PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, CLOVERFIELD…and much more!


Ever since THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, films featuring “lost footage” have been inundating audiences faster than you can say PARANORMAL ACTIVITY! Is this an effective horror genreĀ or yet another example of Hollywood beating a dead horse? Find out in our next Terror on Tequila podcast dedicated to shedding light on the realities of “reality” films!


POV Film with a New Twist: Trollhunter!


I’ve noticed lately that some of the best genre releases have been coming from outside of the United States. Hollywood, it seems, has run out of ideas and would rather concentrate on remakes and sequels than actually paying someone with an original idea. I will say though that some of the more recent remakes have actually been pretty good.



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