MONSTER ISLAND TOYS – A Great Place To Visit!


One of the highlights of the Daves Zoo Tour 2014 has been the little side trips we have been doing, exploring other interests outside of the animal kingdom. On my second day in the Chicago area we visited a store that is a dream come true, as it caters to Godzilla fans. The name of the store is Monster Island Toys and though it is kind of unassuming from the outside, the inside is chock full of eye candy for Godzilla fans and toy lovers!

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Terror Daves on the Road: Spaghetti and Svengoolie!


Growing up in the 70′s and 80′s we didn’t have a local horror host here in Rhode Island, until our Creature Double Feature decided to syndicate the Son Of Svengoolie out of Chicago. I had always been a fan of the Creature Double Feature but to be honest, the show had started to run its course as it started to show less of a variety of films, and those that they were showing had been shown dozens of time before. When they introduced the Son Of Svengoolie for me it was a breath of fresh air and a fan for life was created, despite the fact that the Creature Double Feature was soon to be cancelled for something called Kung Fu Theater.

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HORROR HOST REPORT: April 2014 Edition!


Greetings and welcome to the April 2014 Horror Host Report! On this day, we Terror Daves are currently together in Pennsylvania checking out the Pittsburgh Zoo as well as a UFO crash site (more on that in an upcoming post).

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Terror Daves on the Road: Acme Design, Inc.


This year’s Daves’ get-together, though predominantly concerned with visiting zoos, also includes some visits to some great places showcasing our other love, horror and science fiction. Over a year ago Dave visited a place called ACME Design, Inc.,a company that specializes in re-creating some amazing horror and science fiction icons as well as designing and making the new coffin used my national horror host, Svengoolie (to see how this was made click HERE). To see Dave’s original post, please click HERE! Thanks to the hard work Dave put in scheduling our itinerary for this two-week trip, I was finally able to not only finally visit ACME Design myself, but I was also able to finally meet Elizabeth Haney, who not only works at this amazing place, but also took time out of her busy schedule to not only give me the grand tour (and it is very grand) but to also have lunch with us. I cannot thank her enough for her hospitality and kindness.

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Terror Daves on the Road: Showmen’s Rest!


During Svengoolie’s appearance at Flashback Weekend last August, I bumped into fan Chuck Barcik, whom I’d met at a previous appearance. Chuck was the guy who had a Svengoolie tattoo and was featured in a story I wrote HERE. This time around, he handed Jim Roche (Sven’s assistant) and I copy of a DVD he’d created with one of his friends. Later that week I popped it on and was soon introduced to something a life-long Chicagoan like me should have been aware of but somehow wasn’t.

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BLUE UNDERGROUND Puts The Maniac Cop Back on the Beat!


If you think its hard tracking down some of your favorite vintage horror movies, try finding their lesser known sequels! Sure we’re all familiar with the numerous Halloween and Friday the 13th films but the original Prom Night, House, Amityville Horror, and Silent Night Deadly Night (to name but a few) also spawned numerous follow ups that often got lost on the old video store shelves. Horror collectors are left in a quandary as these films are hard to come by or, in the rare event that they are re-released on DVD, are usually bland transfers often sold as double features. Thanks to the folks at Blue Underground, this is not an issue for fans of the Maniac Cop sequels. They’ve not only re-released BOTH on blu ray but with noticeable improvements!

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