The Terror Daves visit Svengoolie at the Studio Part 1!


On Friday March 27th, we headed out to Chicago to do something we’d dreamt of doing since first becoming Terror Daves five years ago; being present for a Svengoolie taping at the studio! I’d been there before back in 2013 and had the honor of throwing chickens at him during the beginning & end sequences of The Leech Woman and Dracula along with getting to see some of my favorite props such as Tombstone, Durwood, & Kerwyn. At the time, the studio rules were pretty strict and I wasn’t allowed to share that experience on social media nor on this site which was pretty painful since I was so excited about it that wanted to shout it from the roof tops. Happily, I’ve now been given permission to do so as well as share our experiences during this visit (provided we waited until those shows aired and didn’t give anything away in terms of content). Here are some shots from my first visit in 2013…


Lions, Tigers, Bears…& Metaluna Monsters: Svengoolie appears at Brookfield Zoo!


After enjoying an afternoon seeing the animals at Brookfield Zoo, we headed over to their Discovery Center where my AAZK (American Association of Zookeepers) Chapter was hosting its annual Vital Ground fundraiser. It’s an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner with the money raised to be used for obtaining property out west in grizzly bear country. The buildings or lots purchased are then converted back to their natural state so the animals can use them for travel and aid in finding mates, food, etc. I’ve been going to these dinners long before I joined AAZK because they also feature an appearance by my favorite horror host, Svengoolie…the man indirectly responsible for bringing us Terror Daves together in the first place.


A New Set for Svengoolie!

10619996_1073356619346313_1232865560281233700_oPhoto courtesy of Jim Roche

Fans who tuned in for national TV horror host, Svengoolie’s, recent presentation of Frankenstein were given a special treat. Early in the program some glimpses of his brand new set was revealed and I think I speak for everyone when I say that it gets a big thumbs up!


The Final Resting Place of Svengoolie’s Old Coffin!


The Conclusion of the 35th Anniversary of Svengoolie story…

We were directed back upstairs to the third floor of The Museum of Broadcast Communications to witness the unveiling of the new Svengoolie exhibit a.k.a. the final resting place of his old coffin. Having grown up with The Son of Svengoolie, it meant a lot to me as it was one of the few props that remained throughout the years. This, of course, lead to its inevitable wear and tear so, nostalgia aside, it was definitely time for an upgrade. I’ve always wanted to see the original in person and now, thanks to the Museum, everyone can!


Accolades for Rich Koz & the 35th Anniversary of Svengoolie!


We’d no sooner taken our seats in a special area located on the second floor of The Museum of Broadcast Communication, when we were back up on our feet cheering the arrival of Svengoolie. The man of the hour, Rich Koz, was celebrating his 35th anniversary as Chicago’s (and now the majority of this country’s) TV horror host and the room was chock full of devout fans and prominent citizens eager to participate in this one of a kind event.  It was a serious affair that might otherwise seem in direct contrast to a career built on never taking himself too seriously though, in this case, well-deserved.


Snapshots from Svengoolie Day 2014!

wciu_svengdaypghead (1)

The official Rich Koz Svengoolie Day  for both the State of Illinois as well as the City of Chicago took place just two days ago; October 312014. Halloween is always a busy day for the horror host on any given year but, in lieu of its unique circumstances, this one was particularly demanding. With a schedule loaded with numerous activities at various different locations, the Svengoolie camp had enough on their plates without having a fanboy like myself tagging along. Therefore we Terror Daves were VERY fortunate to have the whole day archived by Sven’s assistant, and our friend, Jim Rochewho granted us permission to share them with you.

As you’re going through these photos, try and remember that this was all taken on a SINGLE day! Of course this wasn’t just any day…it was Svengoolie Day!




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