Sexy Red-Riding Hood brings out the Big Bad Wolf in all of us!


A bit off-topic and certainly taking cheesecake to decadent new levels, but I’m a big fan of my pal, Brian Maze’s, photography and literally begged him to let us share these pictures from one of his latest shoots!

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2013 Horrorhound Weekend Pt. 5: Rock n’ Roll all Nite with the KISS Gals!


Still reeling from The Horror Host Hall of Fame, I went across the street with my friend, Russ Wrangler, to that gawd-awful Crown Plaza restaurant I mentioned earlier. It was Saturday and Horrorhound Weekend was now in full swing, though the lines seemed to be moving quicker (not quick, just quicker). We ate lunch while watching Dr. Destruction storm out again due to the service (for some reason that never got old) before Russ and I returned to the convention to do another walk through.

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Inside the Dungeon of COUNT GORE DE VOL!


Our next Brian Maze photo shoot features someone who’s no stranger to this site…Count Gore De Vol! Brian was recently invited to the Count’s Dungeon while hosting THE APE! Joining him for this sinister spread is the sexy, Tiffany Jordan!

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DAUGHTER OF DRACULA! Photography Highlights the Beauty of Horror!


I am pleased to welcome my good friend, Brian Maze, to Terror from Beyond the Daves for the first of a very special series of posts. While Brian’s artwork has often been featured on this site (look no further than the logo) he is talented in MANY areas including photography. Utilizing beautiful gals, clever props & sets, along with his incredible camera skills, Brian has created a portfolio we horror fans can cheer! This week we’ll begin with his “Daughter of Dracula” shoot featuring model, Andrea Marie. ..

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