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Celebrities who Love “Every Other Day is Halloween!”


Terror from Beyond the Daves welcomes guest writer, C.W. Prather.

Four years ago, as I was pulling together a final round of possible interviews for Every Other Day is Halloween, I went through my checklist of noted celebrities from the Washington, D.C. area who I would have loved to appear in the documentary. I didn’t feel they were “necessary” to the film either being done (or done well), but any would help a small DIY production like mine get attention.


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“Dark Skies” Brightens the Theater for UFO Buffs and those that Want to Believe!


I have to admit that it’s been a while since I really enjoyed seeing a movie on the big screen. Oh sure, I’ve seen plenty of films that were “okay” and it’s always nice getting out with friends, but there have been few where I felt drawn in to the story or any type of reaction for that matter. Last Friday, I headed out to see DARK SKIES. I didn’t know much about the film except that it dealt with alien visitors and, ironically, I have been in a UFO kind of mood these days. I decided to give it and, must say, I was pleasantly surprised!


Big ’80’s Supernatural Podcast with “Dreamaniac,” “Night of the Demons,” and “Witchboard!”


It’s another Terror on Tequila pod-cast show featuring Terror Dave and Jason! Today we’ll be taking a totally awesome trip back in time to the 1980’s; a vanguard decade for horror movies! Looking back at old pictures with hair that defied gravity along with the over the top accessories and spandex, folks looked anything but natural! So please join us today as we explore the “out of this world” side of this period during our Big ’80s Supernatural Show!


“Warm Bodies”…I Guess a Zombie “Chick Flick” was Inevitable!


Well, it was bound to happen…

Since rising up from their graves, zombies have stumbled their way into just about every facet of our popular culture. This is evident through their slow, yet steady take-over of both the small screen (via the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead) as well as fresh new films (independent and main stream) spreading like a contagion all around the world each year. These movies highlight zombies both slow-moving & fast; some offering variations of zombie lore and differing explanations (if any at all) as to why the dead would suddenly return to feast on the living. Some of these movies have even gravitated from horror into comedy (affectionately referred to as a “zomedy” in some circles) with great success e.g. SHAUN OF THE DEAD & ZOMBIELAND. We now have yet another genre for zombies to infest…teen romance!  And as we’ve seen with those damn TWILIGHT films, monsters and romance (though leaving a bad taste in most horror fan’s mouths) does translate well at the Box Office.

Unearthed and Untold: The Path to “Pet Sematary!”


I remember back in the ’80s, when I was in my mid-teens and horror novelist, Stephen King was at the height of his popularity. After reading his amazing book, IT, I became an immediate fan and had no sooner finished it before heading out to the book store intent on grabbing all of his previous works. While I enjoyed them all (and in many cases, re-read and enjoyed them again) I was particularly enamored with PET SEMATARY.




It’s another edition of our podcast “Terror on Tequila” and we’re gonna cut right to the HEART of holiday slashers with our special BLOODY VALENTINE SHOW! Bartender, Jason Lucas, whips up some special Valentine Vodka with cranberries while joining Terror Dave Fuentes in a discussion revolving around February 14th Frights! You’re guaranteed to fall in love with our banter on MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981), MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D (2009), and VALENTINE (2001)!


Rest in Peace Good ole Uncle Lars…


It was the evening of Saturday March 27th, 2010,  the peak of  the 2010 Horrorhound Convention in Indianapolis, when I first met “Uncle Lar.” My friend and I had just eaten dinner at a terrible nearby Mexican restaurant (which has since been condemned) with our heads swimming in a pool of Margaritas. While stumbling into the Marriott, I bumped into a man wearing a Colonial hat and holding a handful of DVD’s. Needless to say, the DVD’s loosened from his grip and became a scattered mess on the pavement below. I immediately apologized and helped him gather them back up before noticing familiar names on the discs such as The Bone Jangler, Jebediah Buzzard, and Monster Madhouse. “Oh, I see you’re a fan of horror hosts!” I said. It would was a gross understatement.




Special thanks to Brian Maze for his photos and narrative from “Count Gore De Vol’s 40th Anniversary Celebration at the AFI Silver in Silver Springs, Maryland on February 1, 2013.



Terror from Beyond the Daves would like to welcome guest blogger, Jason Lucas, who will be sharing his fan fervor for a Chicago-area band that blends horror and rock n’ roll! And, when you think about it, the two do seem to often go hand in hand. For more information on Mr. Lucas, please check out our Terror on Tequila story HERE.

It was a dark and stormy night…I braved the snow and bitter chill to go check out a recent gig by an amazing theatrical doom-metal band from the Chicago area called WITCHCROSS, playing at J.J. Kelley’s rock club in Lansing, Illinois.  Hailing from the south suburbs of the Windy City, these guys have rocked for two decades now and still draw new fans to their shows with their unique brand of musical horror.




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