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The Secrets of Acme Design Revealed!


During last October’s amazing “Nightmare on Chicago Street” event (see first of several blogs detailing that experience HERE), I was introduced to the great Elizabeth Haney via our mutual pal, Rich Koz/Svengoolie. Since that time, Elizabeth and I have become good friends and she is a genuinely wonderful person who also has a knack for working at the coolest places. I’d first seen her years before working at “Horrorbles” in Berrrr-wyn, though we’d never actually spoken during that time. She’s now employed with Acme Design inc. a.k.a. the talented folks responsible for creating Svengoolie’s new coffin! The prototype for this new slice of Horror Host History was unveiled at the aforementioned event.


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“Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” Better off a Fairy Tale!


I just returned from a screening of HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS which I thought at first were code names for an elite duo of monster hunters. You know, sort of like a co-ed version of “Supernatural?” Well, I was dead wrong as it turned out to be the actual Hansel & Gretel from the popular story; complete with an intro for those less savvy on Fairy Tales. Apparently, the excitement didn’t end there as this brother/sister team remained as close as “The Carpenters” while becoming professional bounty hunters with a penchant for murdering witches. And when I say “witches” I’m not talking about the Mother Earth loving herbalists we see today. No, these are the less PC veiny/scaly variety complete with broomsticks!


“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Reunion Autographs!


In response to a message I received regarding our “Terror on Tequila” podcast (which you can scroll back and listen to in a previous post), YES there were photos taken when my fellow pod-caster, Jason Lucas, met up with many of the stars from the franchise featured at the 2012 July DAYS OF THE DEAD in Indianapolis! Below are some of his candid, cannibalistic shots!


“MAMA” Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Feral!


The latest big screen horror import to hit the theaters, gives a dark spin on motherhood in the supernatural thriller  MAMA.  I’d seen the previews and thought they had a definite “creep” factor and was hopeful this might add shivers to my already unbearable Chicago chills. Was it worth dragging myself out into the cold?


Massacre Movies & Maragritas Podcast!


Twenty years before I met the other Terror Dave (David Albaugh), I became friends with a charismatic guy named Jason Lucas. We worked together at a local grocery store back when we were teens and I remember stocking the shelves, him strolling past me with a flop mop as we’d discuss Halloween‘s  Michael Myers. It was 1988 and the franchise was returning to its Myers roots after his absence in the previous installment, Halloween III: Season of the Witch. We were excited by both this news as well as the realization that we were now old enough to bypass our conservative parents and see him on the big screen.


Giant Insects Attack Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo!

Early last summer, I published some photos of Brookfield Zoo’s 2012 “X-Treme Bugs” exhibit (see HERE). Sadly, this special exhibit has swarmed and gone but not before giving guests one last look during their “Creatures of the Night” event.  Here are some pictures that will surely appeal those of us who grew up devoted to those giant atomic bug movies that were so popular back in the ’50s.


Movie Mash Up: “Hitchcock” Vs. “The Girl!”


Two recently released movies (one on cable and another on the big screen) attempt to give viewers a behind the scenes glimpse of Alfred Hitchcock! While we can never gauge the accuracy of biography films, they do share some similarities. So how do these two stack up against each other in deconstructing The Master of Suspense?


“Tooth And Claw” – New Movie Guide to Man Vs. Nature Films!


Just recently I was checking out a favorite website of mine, DREAD CENTRAL, and they made mention of a book that really interested me. I have always been a huge fan of movie guides, especially those that concentrate on one type of movie, as opposed to an all-encompassing volume covering all types of movies. This particular book also struck a nerve because it specifically covered one of my all time favorite types of movies, the man vs. nature film. This type of film is no stranger to Terror From Beyond The Daves; in fact to date we have done two When Animals Attack blogs covering man vs. nature films. The first can be seen HERE and the second one HERE. Finally there is also a very well  book covering these very same films!


Calling all Svengoolie Fans! “Scary Monsters Magazine” Wants YOU!


As mentioned in my New Year’s Dave post, there are some BIG reasons for Svengoolie fans to cheer this Spring! Dennis Druktenis from Scary Monsters Magazine has a surprise in store and..well..I’ll just let him tell you…


“Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D”…New Leather Faces Makes Me Miss the Old One!


I just returned from seeing 2013′s first theatrical offering THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3D! Many horror fans will site the original as a masterpiece and Bubba a.k.a. Leatherface remains a fan favorite. It’s understandable and there is NO question that the 1974 original was a disconcerting masterpiece with the chainsaw wielding, Leatherface, one of cinema’s most gruesome and iconic killers!


“Godzilla Vs. Biollante” on Blu-Ray!!!


I have been a Godzilla fan for as long as I can remember. Weekends were always a treat for me growing up as there was almost always a Godzilla or Gamera movie to be found and I would watch these films over and over again, never growing bored with them. As an adult I still very much enjoy these films, perhaps because they do in fact bring me back to a simpler time in my life. I am a Godzilla completist, which means I must own every film in its best possible form. To date all movies are now available officially on DVD or Blu-Ray, with the exception of THE RETURN OF GODZILLA, aka GODZILLA 1985. The sequel to this film, GODZILLA VS. BIOLLANTE finally just got its official release on Blu-Ray and though I was hesitant with this release, I must say, after viewing it, it is a must have for any Godzilla collection.



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