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13 Genre Blu-Rays That’ll Make You Feel “Lucky” this Holiday Season!



This past year or so has featured many amazing blu-ray releases that will make great gifts for that genre fan in your life. This was not an easy list to compile since there are so many great releases to choose from! I also wanted to limit myself to 13 titles, or else this list would’ve just gone on and on. I am a huge fan of the blu-ray format but have noticed that just because something is on blu-ray and says it is in high-definition, does not mean it is actually going to look good! It all depends on the source used for the transfer. When I watch a blu-ray, I want to feel like I am seeing the film for the first time, even if I have seen it multiple times before. This list is of blu-ray releases that did just that! ENJOY!



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DARK SHADOWS: THE VISUAL COMPANION! A must have for all Dark Shadows fans!!!


As I write this everyone is in full swing Christmas mode which is perfect as what I present to you is the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for individual in your life who also happens to be a Dark Shadows fan. Growing up I never watched the original Dan Curtis television series and have yet to attempt to watch it now. It does though have a very loyal following and I am sure it will be around for a very long time. This past year showed the release of Tim Burton’s interpretation of the classic soap opera starring one of his regulars, Johnny Depp.


Happy Svensgiving with a Cornucopia of Well Wishes for Rich Koz!


Terror from Beyond the Daves would like to extend a very special “Get Well” card to our dear friend, Rich Koz/Svengoolie. Svengoolie is well loved and respected; not just by us Daves and horror fans, but by a WIDE range of broadcasting professionals, TV historians, and a few notable celebrities as well. This has been especially true now that he’s gone national and caught the attention of such genre legends as Mark Hamill and Robert Englund!


Svengoolie Hosts Digital 3D “Creature from the Black Lagoon” on the Big Screen!

After getting only a few hours of sleep (due to being out so late the night before at the amazing Nightmare on Chicago Street), it was time to embark on yet another Sven-adventure! This final stop on the “Svengoolie 2012 Halloween Tour” took place up in Rosemont, Illinois at The Muvico Theater. It was here that national horror host, Svengoolie, would present the Universal classic, THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, in 3D and on the BIG screen!

2012 Miss Zombie and Svengoolie’s New Coffin: “Nightmare on Chicago Street” Finale!

Alex and I quickly navigated through crowds of monsters and maniacs as we made our way from Svengoolie’s signing to the The Nightmare on Chicago Street’s main stage. I’d forgotten my map but one needed only a pair of working ears to determine which way to go. Echoing throughout the event was the featured band, “Hairbanger’s Ball” performing 1980’s rock hits. It wasn’t long until I was reunited with my friends amid a cover of Warrant’s “Cherry Pie.”

Svengoolie Arrives at “Nightmare on Chicago Street!”

I was standing outside in the cold waiting for Svengoolie to begin greeting his fans at The Nightmare on Chicago Street when the door to the abandoned theater he’d be appearing at suddenly opened and I was summoned inside. It was Sven’s erstwhile assistant (and Horror Host Secret Service Agent), Jim Roche. We’d chatted earlier that day during the host’s appearance at “Bark-O-Ween” (story HERE) and Jim honored me further by allowing me to go backstage so we could hang out some more.

Fans Dressed to KILL at “Nightmare on Chicago Street!”


As mentioned in a previous post (seen HERE), The Nightmare on Chicago Street  in Elgin, Illinois really brought out a wide range of fans who expressed their Halloween spirit by dressing up in some highly creative costumes.
Here are some examples…

“Nightmare on Chicago Street” the Ultimate Adult Halloween Attraction!


The silence of a crisp October night is rattled by the sounds of marching soldiers as military personnel survey the bedlam. The town’s once idyllic streets are now strewn with wrecked vehicles, scattered debris, and even rotting corpses. As you move further down the road (your brain trying to process what your eyes can’t possibly be witnessing) you observe terrified locals scurrying in panic followed by yet another group of terrestrials; this second wave decisively less agile than the first. Moments later, as they amble their way into view, you realize that these really aren’t people at all…

At least not anymore.

It isn’t long before you notice the visible wafts of mist (created by your own erratic breathing in the cold night air) has increased; your heart pumping in tandem. This is a natural physical response when one discovers that they are in a decidedly unnatural situation. By then, of course, it’s too late.

You’ve unwittingly gone from casual observer to active participant in a town now overrun by the walking dead.

Winners of the SPaCeTaSTe GaLLeRY SkuLLFeST 2012!

The Daves would like to congratulate the following winners of SPaCeTaSTe GaLLeRY SkuLLFeST 2012! For more information on these amazing skulls please check out Dave Fuentes’ original blog HERE!

Martha Yochum won Monster Mash by Glenna Preradovic signed by Svengoolie


2012 Rock n’ Shock Horror Celebrities!


Conventions in the New England area are few and far between. Luckily though we do have one that comes back every year…ROCK AND SHOCK. Though small compared to conventions like HorrorHound Weekend, it still attracts the very best in horror and science fiction and is a guaranteed good time. Unfortunately, this year the Daves were unable to attend but thanks to their friend Brock Papineau, we are able to bring you a series of pictures to show you some of the great talent this convention draws!!! We want to thank Brock for these pics! ENJOY!


Damsels and Dinosaurs: Antonia Dorian and the Art of Frazetta!


Written by Dr. Destruction…

Back in Junior High, I was one of many aspiring young artists who enjoyed drawing comic book characters. I guess 9th grade is when adolescent boys start to notice the opposite sex and I became enthralled with female comic heroines. While many of my talented friends were sketching Marvel’s “The Incredible Hulk,” I preferred drawing their lesser known characters such as “Valkyrie.”


Svengoolie Joins Brookfield Zoo’s Creatures of the Night!


On Friday, October 19th, I was joined by my friend and Terror Dave Girl Friday (the 13th), Elizabeth Ocon, along with my son, Alex, to get our first glimpse at Brookfield Zoo’s 2012 “Creatures of the night!”

Horror Host, Svengoolie, was slated to arrive at 7pm but, by 6:30, there was already a long line winding around the zoo’s Discovery Center to see him. Svengoolie never disappoints when it comes to drawing large crowds at Brookfield Zoo! I remember at last year’s event (covered HERE) the line wrapped around the bison yard and eventually had to get cut off. In an effort to accomodate all of the eager fans, no pictures were permitted, just autographs. It didn’t seem to damper anyones mood and many found clever ways to snap pictures with him anyway while Sven added his own humorous touches.


The Art of Horror Host Svengoolie: Courtesy of Jeff Carlson!


I’m still sitting on a few stories from Svengoolie’s October appearances but, to be frank, I’m having a hard time putting them together in lieu of the his recent cardiac event. Most were already written and I just have to throw them all together and “publish” but even that sends a lump in my throat and desire to flee the computer.

Last month we did a post on the amazing shirt designs of Chicago artist, Jeff Carlson (visit his store HERE)! As mentioned, I’d been an admirer of his work for years via the Svengoolie YAHOO group. Jeff has graciously allowed us to share some of those pictures right here! Check em out…


Get well wishes to our dear friend, Svengoolie!


We Terror Daves were alarmed today regarding the news of our friend, Rich Koz a.k.a. Svengoolie (news story HERE). Not only is Sven a beloved figure in my native Chicago, he is the very reason this blog was possible in the first place. Back in September of 2009, a message from a Rhode Island fan (who’d grown up with Koz as The Son of Svengoolie when his show aired via a Boston channel) sent a message to the Svengoolie YAHOO forum asking if anyone in Chicago would send him new Svengoolie shows (this was before he’d go national). Although I’d seen and ignored countless versions of this message for years I decided to contact this one and, thus, met the other Terror Dave, David Albaugh. Albaugh and I soon became best of friends and our mutual love of Svengoolie, coupled with a curiosity about horror hosting in general, led to the creation of this blog.


Halloween Zoo Scares at Brookfield Zoo’s “Creatures of the Night!”


While I was enjoying clear skies and all the wonderful pumpkins at the other Dave’s “Roger Williams Park Zoo” in Rhode Island (covered a few posts back), my poor Brookfield Zoo in Chicago was getting nailed with heavy rains and tornado alerts! Its the dilemma of any Midwest zoo….dealing with the unpredictable weather! Fortunately, the tempest had cleared by the time I returned to my Windy City and the following weekend proved perfect for enjoying BZ’s “Creatures of the Night!”


A Dog Day Afternoon with Svengoolie at Bark-O-Ween!


With respect to religion and politics, the subject of “cats and dogs” can be equally divisive. It seems like most animal lovers will declare their allegiance to either one or the other. Maybe it’s the Libran in me, but I actually like both species. I also enjoy listening to both The Beatles AND Rolling Stones while considering myself a fan of  “Star Wars” as well as “The Lord of the Rings” trilogies. Call me wishy-washy, but I think life’s more enjoyable when you aren’t an “all or nothing” kind of a person. Regarding the topic of pets; at this point in my life, I’m the proud owner of a beautiful tuxedo kitty named Felix. However, having had a loyal canine in my childhood, there are many times when I find myself longing for “man’s best friend.”


Svengoolie fans take a bite out of Tom & Eddies!

Special thanks to guest writer, Joan Yingst, and event photos courtesy of Jim Roche.

I’ve been a Svengoolie fan ever since he started as “The Son of…” back in 1979 when I was 12 years old.  I never missed an episode if I could help it. Flash forward thirty three years later, and I am still watching him. Sure, there was a lull during that time when Sven was off the air, but I never forgot him during those lost years.



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